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A Guide to New York’s Dessert Delivery Services


Thanks to an endless slew of food delivery services, New York residents have gotten used to insta-ordering everything from shrimp tacos to cheesesteak egg rolls to poke salmon bowls anywhere in the five boroughs, and at any time of day or night.  And courtesy of the following sugar suppliers, insomniacs and homebodies with sweet tooths will never need to deprive themselves of crepe cakes, éclairs, and bacon-chocolate truffles again!

Sweetist: Don’t have the luxury of living right near a Levain Bakery?  Don’t feel like commuting into Brooklyn, for a boozy pie slice from Butter & Scotch? This enterprising service is in the business of messengering the city’s best sweets, crisscrossing the borough with shipments from Chickalicious, Éclair Bakery, Lady M, Brigadiero, and almost 50 other premiere sugar specialists.

Insomnia Cookies: Find yourself craving a cookie at the oddest hours?  Night owls can get ahold of chocolate chunks, oatmeal raisins and snickerdoodles, and 17039429_1456915494349790_3323605691858844686_oeven mini cookie cakes and deluxe ice cream cookiewiches up until 3am; the hardest part is waiting 30-45 minutes for their anticipated arrival.

Bake Sale: This new late-night delivery adjunct to Brooklyn Kolache Co. donates proceeds to the local non-profit, Bed Stuy Campaign against Hunger.  So don’t think twice about indulging a midnight yen for peanut butter, confetti sugar and ube crinkle cookies, paired with pints of Battenkill Valley Creamery milk.

a7979f0cd3849c54e095411444c8b0aeMilkMade: Say goodbye to last minute Ben & Jerry runs to the corner bodega, and schedule monthly drop-offs through this ice cream subscription service, which peddles over inventive, all-natural pints with locally-sourced mix-ins (think Grady’s Cold Brew, Chocolate Babka Bread Pudding and Banana Rum) from the back of a foot-pedaled cart.

Dessert Delivery: The name says it all.  Based in the Bronx, these third generation bakers transport their indulgent wares all throughout Manhattan; so stock up on fruit tarts, chocolate mousse, apple caramel gallettes, red velvet cakes, tiramisu and more.

brownie-flavor-assortment-TheBrownieBoyThe Brownie Boy: Made from scratch in small batches from Valhrona chocolate, these scrumptious, individually-wrapped squares can be yours with just a push of a button.  And goodness knows, we’d rather find a selection of “S’moregasm,“ “Citrus A-Peel” and “Oh Fudge,” squares on our doorstep, than a sorry collection of catalogues and bills.

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