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No-Mess Corn Stripper

corn stripper(2).jpgThe best part of summer is all of the wonderfully fresh produce of the
season.  There’s something new, just-picked farm stands or the grocery
store.  Sometimes, there’s strawberries, sometimes ten different kinds
of tomatoes, and heaps of fresh corn stalks… especially
in August when corn season is at its peak.

The ceremony of eating corn off the cob is great
most of the time.  There’s drawbacks like getting kernels stuck in your
teeth, or making a mess at a summer soiree, or times when you want to
throw a few kernels into a salad.   We found this corn stripper by
oxo for $12.99.  Just run the stripper
down the corn and there’s a ½ cup container to catch the kernels.  Plus it’s easy to use and
dishwasher safe.

oxo corn stripper $12.99

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