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Nut Chopper

8609513280703P-1.JPGChopped nuts add flavor and crunch to everything from salads to yogurt to cookies.  Just think about how much better peanut butter cookies taste with real peanuts or sauteed brussel sprouts with chopped walnuts.  Chopping them yourself always sounds like a good idea until they end up everywhere but the cutting board.  Not to mention it’s surprisingly hard work.  Most of the time, I cave and buy the pre-chopped variety.

Now, I have no excuse.  This nut grinder is foolproof and fuss-free.  Just put the nuts of your choice in the grinder and crank the handle.  The crushed nuts fall into the chamber below, which can easily be removed.   It also happens to be a measuring cup, so you can grind the exact quantity your recipe requires.  Even better, there are two different settings, coarse or fine, to ensure you get the right cut and the stainless steel blades allow you to grind soft nuts, like peanuts or hard almonds.  If you want to add more flavor, toast the nuts before putting them in the chopper and try adding them to granola.


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