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Olive Stuffer

olivatorsm.jpgVisit Spain or your nearest tapas bar and you’ll find olives stuffed with everything from blue cheese to marcona almonds to anchovies.  And just because you’re entertaining at home, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the pre-stuffed, jarred variety.   Few people (myself included) have the time or the patience to stuff each olive, individually by

Which is why we fell for the Olivator (pictured right,) which does the stuffing for you.  Use the hollow end to core the ideal size and shape for the filling.  Then add your fresh filling, press the red button, and it shoots it right inside the olive.  We recommend jalapeno, garlic cheese, and tuna for stuffings.  You can also
prepare an assortment of stuffed olives or garnish any martini.  The Olivator isn’t limited to olives.  You can use it to stuff hors d’oeuvres or desserts, like strawberries filled with
chocolate or goat cheese stuffed figs.


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