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Go Fish at Osakana, an Awesome, New Brooklyn Seafood Market

13680846_774435982698420_8168422094791140217_nBefore he became a breakout Smorgasburg star (for his mazemen-style noodle stand, Yuji Ramen), and a respected Williamsburg restaurateur (as co-owner of the admired Japanese breakfast spot, Okonomi), Yuji Haraguchi was a successful wholesaler, supplying top-tier seafood to some of America’s best chefs.  And now, with the opening of his new Brooklyn fish market, Osakana — which was largely funded through Kickstarter — Haraguchi is making use of his roster of contacts once again; for the benefit of at-home cooks.

13962524_787661294709222_2437137254006322618_nLocated mere blocks away from his restaurant, the diminutive spot offers local, seasonal and sustainably caught fish by the pound.  Daily changing options include sashimi-style porgy, yellow fin tuna or grey tilefish, sliced onsite by the staff, as well as prepared Japanese selections such as miso marinated dog fish or king mackerel pickled in sake kasu; the lees left over from the production of sake.

Osakana aims to set itself apart still further from your average fishmonger by launching a regular lineup of discussions, tastings, workshops and classes; from demos on breaking down whole fish and sharpening knives, to how-to’s on IMG_7441constructing sushi and poke.  And while there’s no sit-down component as of yet, you can reserve a to-go Omakase box for $50 (containing sashimi for two, along with two portions of both fresh and prepared fish), as well as various retail items such as Sun noodles and house-made ramen broth made from seafood stock.

In other words, Osakana provides all the necessary elements, for amateur cooks seeking to emulate Yuji Haraguchi.

290 Graham Ave.
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