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Passover Cucumber Soup

CukeSoup.jpgThe Passover seder usually involves heavy, traditional foods of the braised meats and stuffed cabbage sorts that   But  with spring (and bathing suit weather) right around the corner, we’re craving a lighter holiday dish.  Chef Gazala Halabi the owner and chef of both Gazala and Gazala Place — where they bake their own pita daily — is on the same page. For Passover, she’s serving a vibrant cucumber soup that you can re-create at your seder this year. It’s a simple no-cook dish that will keep you away from the stove and give you more time to socialize. And post-holiday, this refreshing cucumber soup is perfect on a hot summer day.

Chilled Cucumber Soup
By Gazala Halabi

•    8 oz “Burpless” cucumber – any of the long, thin-skinned variety; chopped fine, with skin on
•    8 oz Yogurt; Gazala makes her own labneh, but any good quality whole milk organic yogurt will do
•    1 garlic clove, mashed
•    5 leaves mint, chopped fine
•    1 pinch of salt

Chop the cucumbers fine with skin on. Let them stand for 30 minutes, then drain excess water.  Combine the finely chopped cucumber, mint, garlic, yogurt and salt in a mixing bowl.  Mix gently, with a wooden spoon, until the mixture is smooth. (Do not use a blender or food processor.)  Then pour into serving bowl and garnish with mint and chill.

Gazala Place
Address: 709 Ninth Ave.
Phone: (212)245-0709


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