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Pasta Vision

pasta vision.jpgBoiling pasta is not quite as easy as it sounds.  Yes, you boil water, add a dash of salt, add pasta, drain, and serve.  But leave it in for a minute too long and you’ve got mushy, overcooked noodles.  As most Italians can tell you, al dente pasta is an art and a precisely timed one.

pasta cooker (pictured right) has a timer, so you don’t have to hover over a pot or scald yourself testing noodles.  Just set the timer and work on the rest of your meal or watch tv until it’s done.  Even better, the Pasta Vision cooker also cuts the cooking
time by keeping the water at an ideal cooking temperature.  Like any great, multi-tasking gizmo, the lid also has a built-in strainer, so you don’t
have to add another thing to the pile of dirty dishes.

$59.99, Koolatron

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