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Pimped Out Turkey Baster

baster.jpgIt’s that turkey time of the year.  Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner?  Eating it anyway.  But someone’s gotta cook, so feast your eyes on the Cuisipro Dual Baster (pictured right.)  This ingenious gadget has a shower head side to evenly coat the bird.   Of course, there’s always those hard to reach spots on the bird, which is why you can switch it to the injector attachment to hit specific spots.  It leaves the turkey moist and flavorful.  Plus, it’s dishwasher safe which makes hectic holiday cleanup all the easier.  No need to throw the gadget in the back of your drawer once the holiday season ends.  It’s great for any meat, fish, or poultry too.  Did I mention it’s only $9.95?

Cuisipro Dual Baster  $9.95

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