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I should’ve known something would go wrong. Too good to be true with no line of frenetic, yogurt-addicted women in sight, I scurried to
what would hopefully be a yogurt utopia, the potential beginning of the end of Tasti-D-Lite.  I would be the first to christen the Pinkberry machine, sample the first bite (of all three flavors).   Say it isn’t so – Pinkberry was still closed.  Exasperated, and rightfully so as it was 10:45 in the morning,  I knocked persistently until a manager inforrmed me that maybe, just maybe, they would open around 3 PM today.

Door ajar, I scanned the "work in progress" and I stress "in
progress".  My bet is Pinkberry will open officially tomorrow at 11
AM, but I don’t want to get my hopes up again.  Until then, there’s
always Tasti-D-Lite.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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