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PizzaQue Grill-Top Pizza Stone

pizzaque.jpgIt seems like everyone’s opening a pizza joint these days.   First, it was butchers and now pizzaiolas are becoming the food celebrities.  You can become a pizzaiola yourself.  Instead of waiting on line for the latest cult favorite, you can make your own pie at home.

We found this grill-top pizza stone that you put right on top of the grill.  It’s got a built-in thermometer, so you can monitor the temperature.  The best part about making it on the grill top is that it  will pick up some of that smoky flavor and texture as if it were cooked in a wood burning oven.  If rain’s in the forecast, you can remove the stone from the stainless steel base and cook the pizza in your oven.  At $90, it’s not cheap, but time is money – and you won’t get stuck standing on line or waiting for a table.

PizzaQue Grill-Top Pizza Stone $90

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  1. Purchased this with high hopes and was let down, it’s difficult to produce the heat required to make “wood burning brick oven” pizza on the grill. We ended up spending the cash on the real thing (wood burning oven) and could not be happier!

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