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POURfect Bowls

8.pngJust in time for Thanksgiving.  I discovered the Pourfect bowl collection.  Gadgets just keep getting better every day.  This bowl gives new meaning to multi-tasking.  It’s a measuring bowl, mixing bowl, and pouring bowl all-in-one. That means less dishes to clean and more shelf space.  It also means less chance of spills and dirty counters.

Pourfect bowls can be used to measure small amounts from 1 cup to batch quantities up to twelve cups.  They’re ideal for baking, cracking eggs, and transporting flour or sugar from the bowl into a mixer without a dirty countertop.  Instead of a handle, cooks use your palm and thumb instead of grasping with your fingers, which makes it perfect for kids who have a hard time gripping with their little fingers.  POURfect also makes mess-free measuring spoons and cups that can be ordered on their website.

1-2-4 cup bowl set for $15/ all 6 sizes for $40

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