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Press and Measure Dispenser

Lately, it’s become increasingly popular for home cooks to stray from recipe books and tried-and-true formulas in an effort to inject a little creativity and personal style into their family dinners.  We love to experiment in the kitchen too, but there are certain things that won’t turn out anything like you planned if you just wing it.  Have you ever tried to make a batch of muffins without first measuring out the oil or a homemade salad dressing without getting specific with the vinegar?  It doesn’t turn out pretty.

We’re a fan of anything that makes our time spent in the kitchen a little simpler and more efficient.  That’s why we love these Press and Measure Dispensers.  They work for any liquid, and get the calculations right every time.  Fill the bottle up with whatever you’re looking to measure (here’s your opportunity to get creative!) press the button on the side, and watch the cup at the top divide it to the exact number of teaspoons or tablespoons.  It’s got an easy-pour spout for less mess, and it’s made of clear glass so you know when it’s time to refill.  Exercising your imagination in the kitchen is fun and all, but when it comes to weights and measures, better to leave the guesswork to the pros while you’re cooking this season.

Press & Measure Dispenser $31.96

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