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Pressure Canning Set

Duo+Stainless+Steel+9+Piece+Pressure+Canning+SetThe end of summer is fast approaching, and although we can’t force the season to linger just a little longer, we can still enjoy fresh summer produce long after it’s left us.  It’s deceptively easy with this 9-Piece Pressure Canning set made by Fagor, a company based in Spain that prides itself on energy efficient and sustainable products. This unique set uses a pressure cooker to help you safely prepare and can whatever delicious recipes you can dream up. You’ll retain richer flavor and more of the just-plain-goodness of summer than you would using conventional cooking methods.  So savor those juicy tomatoes in a homemade pasta sauce or enjoy your plump peaches and delectable berries in a jam or compote long into winter.

This canning set comes with everything you need to can your own food at home, which sounds a lot harder than it is (we promise!). The nine pieces include a pressure cooker, a canning rack, jar wrench, wide mouth funnel, magnetic lid lifter, a stainless steel ladle, a bubble freer and even a canning cookbook.  The simple dial format regulates and releases pressure to cook your choice of produce perfectly.

Fagor Duo 9 Piece Pressure Canning Set, $130

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