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Recession Proof Baking Tips Part 3

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If it were easy to make ice cream, we’d all be dreaming up flavors in the middle of the night. The kitchen would be a much more dangerous place.  But it’s not easy without an ice cream machine.   Believe me, I’ve tried everything from ice cream in a bag to ice cream in a coffee can.  Not to mention beating a tray of frozen custard, which amounts to nothing more than slush.

But I discovered the magic of the parfait.  Not the layered dessert, but a different way to make ice cream (for less money and time).  Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Do not heat the heavy cream with the milk. Instead, boil the milk and make a custard with eggs, sugar, and flavorings.
  • Once strained and cooled, fold in the heavy cream, whipped, until it has the consistency of mousse.
  • Pour into a mold or a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap.  Then cover tightly and freeze overnight.  Now you can scoop it, slice it, whatever you wish and it really tastes like the real deal.

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I’ve been fascinated by Taoism, the simplicity of life and its 10,000 Things. Consider the Tao of the Fork, or any basic kitchen utensil for that matter.  Say a recipe calls for the cook to whisk or beat eggs until frothy.  No whisk? Just use a fork and a quick, circular motion. 

Need a measuring tablespoon but can’t find yours anywhere?  Any standard size soup spoon will do.

No kitchenaid?  Sometimes your own arms is good enough,  And you’ll get a workout in the kitchen!

bakingtips3 003.jpg

I love making cookies, but always end up making amorphous blobs because I don’t own cookie cutters.  Then one day, I peered into my cabinet and realized I could use a juice glasses, wine glass or small glass bowls.   All you have to do is dip the rim in flour and cookie cut away!  Also try cutting out mini tart dough using the largest rims you can find.  

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