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Eataly’s Rooftop Transforms into Italian Seaside-Themed Sabbia

sabbiaEataly is at it again.  Not content to maintain their rooftop beer hall, Birriera, as a single, unchanging concept, they’ve taken to transforming it season by season; starting with the Alpine ski lodge, Baita, last winter, and turning it into a breezy seaside haven for the remainder of spring.

sabbia-calamariTitled Sabbia (Italian for sand), the space takes full advantage of its retractable glass ceilings, allowing patrons to bask in the sunshine as they lounge under beach umbrella-topped tables, or inside of chic cabanas.  And largely inspired by
Liguria, as well as other regions along the Italian coast, Mediterranean-inspired menus emphasize only the freshest ingredients, dal mare ai monti (from sea to land).

So essentially, it picks up right where Eataly’s most recent pop-up took off; we’re talking Italian Riviera — a limited edition, lunchtime only spot that took the place of Pranzo this past April.  Honoring terrain that ranges from rocky mountain peaks to colorful bays and ports, offerings include Grilled Snake River Wagyu Beef with bagna cauda, Fusilli with local squid, gulf shrimp and sabbia-sausagelittleneck clams, Piadina (pressed sandwiches) of prosciutto and fontina, Grilled Pork Shoulder “Bombette” stuffed with cheese and fried rosemary, and Pesce Spada Alla Beccafico; swordfish paired with green olives, raisins and lemon.  And in addition to summery cocktails (we’re talking the “Anna Magnani” with gin, basil and strawberry, the “Italian Stallion” with bourbon, mint and peach, and a “Sorrento Spritz” served by the carafe), the wine list also hugs the coast, featuring Gragnano Rosso sabbia-cocktail-hoppy-hourFrizzante from Campania, Nuragas “S’elegas from Sardinia, and Rosato Di Refosco from Friuli.

It’s amazing how far you can travel, just by heading to the 14th floor of Eataly.

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