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Smart Shopper Grocery List Organizer

grocery organizer.JPGHow many times have you been to the grocery store or out running errands and forgotten something you were supposed to get?  Then, it’s back to the store for whatever it was you forgot, not to mention more time wasted in the checkout line.  Again.

It’s so frustrating and happens to all of us.  That’s why someone was smart enough to invent this: The Smartshopper Grocery List Organizer.

Just mount the organizer on the refrigerator, by your bed, or even on your front door.  Anytime you think of something you need or errand to run, record it with the voice recognition feature.  When you finally find time – or run out of toilet paper – the Smartshopper will print out your list, already categorized list for you!  Seriously.

It’s got room for over 2,500 items in its digital library and the ability to add your own, which pretty much makes it impossible to forget anything again.

The best part is the price.  I actually found this gadget six months ago, but didn’t want fork out $150 for it.  But times are tough and sometimes there’s benefits.  The price has just been slashed from $149.95 to $49.99 giving all you recession savvy buyers a lot more money to spend at the grocery store.

Smart Shopper Grocery List Organizer $49.95

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