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Spice Carousel

41K0D4Luz5L._SS500_.jpgIf you’re a regular Gizmo girl reader, you know how fond we are of gadgets that multi-task and this spice carousel is a great one.   Not only does it hold 12 spices to avoid cluttered cabinets with a bevvy of bottles, but it also measures & dispenses them for you.

The auto-measure dial measures spices in quarter teaspoon increments, so you can put your bowl right under the dispenser, turn the dial, and out comes 1/4 or 1/2 a teaspoon of the spice.  The top of every spice section opens, so you can spoon out larger measurements.  And you can take out each spice and use it as a shaker as well.   The spices are all stackable, making it easy to add another carousel if you’re into your spices and like to keep up to 36 on hand.  It really sells itself.


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