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Strawberry Hill Confectionary’s Whirl-Ease Tea

Thumbnail image for whirlease 001.jpgSome people have a foot fetish. I have a tea fetish.  I
love loose leaf teas, but sometimes I don’t have time
or the patience to wait for tea to steep.  I’ve seen a lot
of oddball inventions, but tea on a stick?  Yep.  It’s
called Whirl-Ease Tea and it’s quick: Just dip the stick
in boiling water, stir around, and you’ve got yourself a
cup of tea in under a minute.  (We’ve clocked it.)

Even better, it’s made by Strawberry Hill Confectionary,
a green and gluten-free company, that’s come up with
sweetened tea “lollipops,” so there’s no need to add
more sugar.

Whirl-Ease tea pops come in jasmine, green tea,
black lemon, mango, and peach.   If you need a little
more sweetness, they also make clover honey on a
stick as well as a leaf-shaped maple syrup pop.


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