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Thanksgiving Gadgets

lifter.JPGThanksgiving is fast approaching, so we thought we’d round up some of
the best tools that will hopefully make dinner go smoothly.  Gadgets
really do make life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Roast & Serve Turkey Lifter
After your turkey is finally
ready, you want to get the bird on the table ASAP, which can be
tricky.  It takes some maneuvering to remove the turkey from a roasting
pan to serving tray without making a mess.  This ingenious roasting
rack solves that problem.  All you have to do is put the rack in the
roasting pan.   When your turkey is done, grab the rack by its handles
and place it on the serving tray. The rack is held together buy a
removable red pin, which pulls the rack apart making it easy to get it
out from underneath the turkey.


Thumbnail image for electric knife.jpgElectric Knife
You’re not done yet. You’ve still got to slice
it up and everyone likes their turkey cut differently.  That’s why this
slicer comes with two blades.  It’s also electric, so it gets the job
done quicker than a regular carving knife.  It gets better:  The handle
works for both righties and lefties.  At $49.95 it’s less expensive
than many manual carving knife sets.


Turkey Cannon
This gadget doesn’t really launch turkeys into
the air, but it does make them much tastier.  What it does to is shoot
marinate into the turkey for a much more flavorful bird.  Beer, wine,
or broth are all great ideas.   And because the liquid marinated the
turkey from both the outside as well as the inside, the cooking time is
reduced.  That’s a pretty compelling argument to own one of these tools.


gravy.jpgGravy Separator
Nobody likes clumpy, streaky gravy.  But when
you’re serving fresh gravy, it’s easier said than done.  Unless you buy
this gravy separator, which strains out all the clumps of fat, which
makes for healthier gravy.  Even better, the separator also functions
as a gravy, so you can use it to pour to every guest’s liking.  It can
withstand up to 400 degrees, so don’t worry about it melting and
microwave-safe for easy reheating.


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