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The 11th Annual Chocolate Show

IMG_1431.JPGWhat could be sexier than chocolate and fashion?  Thursday evening, the 11th Annual Chocolate Show kicked off with a rather racy, chocolate fashion show at Pier 94 in Manhattan.  The task at hand for designers and pastry chefs alike — “Chocolate Superheroes.”  Models worked the runway covered in everything from dark chocolate to edible candy couture.  It didn’t go off without a hitch, or two.  Troubles with the air conditioning caused a few costumes malfunctions.  That’s right, a few dresses literally “melted off.”   Spectators couldn’t resist eating runaway chocolate right off the runway.  And really, who could blame them?

Thumbnail image for IMG_1544.JPGSuperheroes strutted their stuff in chocolate-coated armor and capes.  There was a scantily clad, Bittersweet Black Widow (pictured right,)  designed and baked by Oceana’s Jansen Chan and designer Laurence Rassin.  The widow wore 100 percent Valrhona chocolate lingerie.  Buyer beware – she comes armed with a chocolate knife. But our favorite was a Jack Macenroth and Zac Young “Wonder Woman.”   The heroine wore red, white, blue and gold chocolate.  We’re thinking suit up for Valentine’s Day .

Not a bad way to start the weekend.  Over sixty chocolate companies came to give away free samples. Heavyweights like Lindt, Payard and Valrhona were all on hand, but the real standout this year was Japanese-based, Mary’s Chocolate with green tea and sake-infused chocolate truffles.  IMG_1607.JPG
Another company you’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2009 is Oliver Kita Chocolates, a local company from Rhinebeck, New York.  Their intricate truffles are made with exotic fillings like coconut, bergamot, and lime or the “Opium,” made with blood orange, lapsang and an ingredient that curiously goes by “hypnotic spice.”

For the health-conscience sweet tooth, Miami’s Romanico’s Chocolates offers 38 calorie truffles in “Sexy Cherry” and “Tipsy Almond” flavors.  We’re not quite sure how they pull it off, but we have to admit they taste pretty good.  Charles’ Chocolates came with a mojito truffle that indeed tastes like the tequila-based cocktail.   And both Francois Payard and Jacques Torres made appearances as well as per se’s Richard Capizzi, who drew crowds with homemade marshmallows.  Sadly, all that’s left to do now is wait for next year’s show.

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