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The Crack of Cake

Cake Man Raven
708-A Fulton Street
Brooklyn NY 11217
718-694-CAKE (to pre-order cakes)

I have accidentally stumbled upon the perfect slice, (no, not Di Fara’s pizza).  Behold, Cake Man Raven’s sublime red velvet cake; a cake so decadently divine, it literally keeps me up at night.  I suggest you get yourself to Fort Greene immediately for the slice of a lifetime.  At the risk of playing the role of the playground drug dealer, this is one addiction I encourage you to  indulge in, calories be damned.   

Deep in Fort Greene, a line of people slowly file into a modestly marked
shop, slip the counter girl a five, then skip out with a slice as if you’re about to
engage in some sort of illicit activity.  Parodixically located in Park Slope, Harlem Baking
Company sells giant fluffy slices of red velvet cakes.  Yes, it’s a cake most definitely worth changing trains for, a cake that makes Magnolia cupcakes practically obsolete.  If my endorsement’s not enough to get you out the door, Cake Man Raven boasts Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Regis Philbin as fans (to name just a few).  But let’s get down to business….

So light and fluffy
yet defiantly moist at the same time, this buttery piece of heaven defies all logic, and perhaps should be eaten with a spoon.  Cocoa-inflected layers of defiantly moist and rich buttermilk layers (dyed bright red), are blanketed with a cloying and yet, faintly sour cream cheese icing layer.  The icing on this cake is not the cream cheese alone, but the walnut crumble that pleasingly dots the top layer, adding a perfect crunch to an otherwise velvety slice of heaven. 

And they don’t just stop at red velvet, though they could stand on the merit of this slice alone.  If red velvet’s not your game, Cake Man Raven doles out old school baked goods: a mean coconut, carrot, chocolate cake, pineapple upside down, and 7 UP pound cake (lemon pound cake spiked with 7 UP), all $5.00 a slice, curiously served in deli-style plastic containers.  If you can’t get your fix from one lofty slice, Cake Man Raven also supplies whole cakes and even sheets.  Let the gorging begin.

Pre-ordered cakes: (the 1/2 sheet’s a worthy investment)
8-inch      $35
10-inch    $45
12-inch    $75
1/2 sheet $95


Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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