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Tortilla Press

img78m.jpgThis is a big year for Mexican cooking, mezcal, tequila, and tacos.  From La Superior and Mesa Coyoacan’s carnitas to Julian Medina’s  refined fish tacos at the new Yerba Buena Perry, there are countless places to get a terrific taco in the city.  But making them at home just got a little easier.

The key to any good taco is a warm, soft tortilla.  I usually buy them in the store, but this tortilla press makes it easy to prepare your own at home.   All you need is corn flour and water to make the masa (tortilla dough.)  Roll the two ingredients together,  then place each ball into the press and press down, which flattens into an even, round disc. Put the masa disc onto a hot griddle or in a pan and bake.  That’s it.  It’s ready to be stuffed with everything from pork to chicken to shrimp.


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