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Jaccard Veggie Peeler

31dp3+b1QeL._SL500_AA280_.jpg Perfect timing.  Thanksgiving’s right around the corner and that means two things: overeating and not feeling the least bit guilty about it.  But for some of us, that also means a lot of cooking and prep work.  Peeling vegetables isn’t hard, but it tends to get messy.   This clever gadget eliminates the annoying cleanup because there’s a plastic chamber that holds peels as you remove them.   When you’re done peeling, you just snap the lid off the chamber and dump the scraps in the trash.  The double-sided stainless blade makes the peeler easy for both righties and lefties to use.  Being a lefty myself, I couldn’t be more grateful that someone’s considering us finally.   This is one of the most practical gadgets we’ve discovered to date., $19.31

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