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DIY Movie Popcorn

Thumbnail image for 4153Z0G472L._SS500_.jpgAll the snow has forced me into my annual hibernation.  The only thing I feel like leaving the house for on the weekends is dinner and a movie.  Sometimes, the whole puffy jacket, hat, glove, scarf routine feels like too much trouble.  Besides, movie night at home is much less expensive.  The only missing is movie popcorn and microwave popcorn just isn’t the same.You can buy a movie popcorn maker for a couple hundred dollars if you plan on never leaving the house again.  Or you can get this Whirley-Pop popcorn maker (pictured right,) which makes fresh popcorn the old- fashioned way.  Just place it on the stove, add the kernels, and turn it on.  It can make up to 6 quarts of popcorn in three minutes.  The movie theater line takes longer.  The aluminum pan has a turn crank on the handle that stirs the kernels, so the heat and oil get evenly distributed and more kernels get popped.  The Whirley-pop pan even has a clip-on lid to keep the popcorn from overflowing and the lid has steam vents to keep the popcorn crisp.  Not only is it great for movie nights, but it’s also perfect for party snacks.



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