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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift For BBQ Fanatics

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we found the perfect gadget for barbecue and tech geeks.  Yes, the iGrill (pictured right) is a thermometer, but it also links to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, so you don’t need to hover over the grill or even the oven, making sure you’re meat doesn’t overcook.  Nope.  Talk with your guests and monitor the roast’s internal temperature from your phone wherever you are. It has an alarm that goes off when the desired internal temperature is reached.  Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled, with a range of 200 feet.

This stand-alone thermometer also has a built-in probe storage space, and an easy-to-read, lighted display, which comes in very handy for outdoor barbecues long after the sun’s set. The iGrill has a touch display, and comes with two probes, which means it can actually monitor two separate pieces of meat simultaneously.  Perfectly done meat and time to socialize with friends?  What more could a cook ask for?  Pretty great Valentine’s Day gift for a BBQ fanatic.

The iGrill, $99.99

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