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The Most Influential Chefs & Restaurateurs of 2015

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 in Best Of, Restaurants 2015

For the most part, we much prefer to bring attention to rising star and underdog chefs. But there was no denying that hardened vets hogged the dining spotlight in 2015, opening game-changing establishments that ran the gamut, from unreservedly high-end like Gabriel Kreuther to unapologetically low, the likes of Brooks Headley’s veggie burger faceoff. So here are six restaurateurs whose names (and food) were constantly in our mouths last year…

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An Ode to Our Favorite Dishes of 2015

Posted on Jan 8, 2016 in Best Of, Restaurants 2015

Just because we recently named our 10 favorite restaurants of 2015, doesn’t mean we didn’t have tons of memorable meals, at places that didn’t quite make the list. So before we get ready for a year’s worth of new food memories, we’re looking back at some of our very favorite bites of 2015, from Harry & Ida’s singular pastrami sandwich, to the desserts (yes, all of them), at Kat & Theo…

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A Look Back at the Best Restaurants of 2015

Posted on Dec 30, 2015 in Best Of, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurants 2015

With new and noteworthy restaurants opening by the day, it takes a fair amount of doing to stand out in New York. Which is why we’re honoring the ten, incredible eateries that somehow managed to cut through the considerable noise this year, from Gabriel Kreuther, which gave a much needed shot in the arm to the floundering fine dining scene, to Wildair and Bruno, serving food so inspired and yet approachable…

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