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Mia Dona’s Roasted Pork Chop with frisee, lardoons & farm egg

Posted on Mar 20, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Michael Psilakis (Serves 6)   Ingredients: 6-bone rack of pork chops, chined, untrimmed of fat, tied with butchers twine between each rib 6 farm eggs Fennel Pollen Salt & pepper 4 cloves of garlic 2 shallots ½ Cup of red wine vinegar 1 tsp dry oregano 1 Tb. Dijon mustard 1 Cup mountain gorgonzola cheese or Roquefort  Extra-virgin olive oil  4 slices of double-smoked bacon cut into lardoons, rendered, fat reserved  2 bunches of frisee  2 Tb. pickled mustard seeds  20 pickled red pearl onions    Method: Preheat an oven to 350 degrees. Season rack with salt, pepper, fennel pollen and sear in a hot pan so it’s brown on all sides. Transfer to a roasting pan and roast in the oven for about an hour, until rare.   To make the dressing for the frisee, combine garlic,...

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Oceana's Sauteed Nantucket Bay Scallops With Citrus Salad and Mamey

Posted on Mar 13, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Ben Pollinger(Serves 4 as an appetizer) Ingredients: 1/2 pound Natucket Bay Scallops 1 Cup mamey pulp 1 Tbs fresh lime juice Segments from the following citrus fruits: pomelo, cara cara orange, sweet lime, ponderosa lemon, Satsuma mandarin. Reserved zest of all fruits except the pomelo. 1/2 Cup extra virgin olive oil 1 Tbs ginger, minced 1 Tbs chilis, sliced 8 leaves Thai basil chiffonade 8 leaves mint chiffonade 8 leaves cilantro chiffonade Salt, fresh ground pepper 1/2 Cup toasted charoli nuts Pith from 1 pomelo 1 1/2 pounds sugar 1 Cup water Preparation for the citrus salad:(Citrus substitutions – Navel oranges, ruby red grapefruit, tangerines and regular lemons or limes will also do when pomelo is not available.  Avocado may substitute for mamey.)    Puree the mamey pulp in a blender with the lime juice.  Season...

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The Smith’s Green Bean Salad

Posted on Mar 8, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Brian Ellis (Serves 4 as an appetizer) Ingredients For the Salad: ½ lb haricot verts (blanched and shocked) 1 bunch frisee lettuce (washed, large stems removed) 2 oz. slivered almonds (dry roasted) 1 pt cherry tomatoes (washed and split in ½) Preparation for the Salad: Blanche the haricot verts in boiling water for about three minutes then shock in ice water. Drain on paper towels and reserve.  Wash frisee, remove any large stems, and chop into bite-size pieces.  Wash cherry tomatories and slice each in half.  Then, in hot dry pan, toast slivered almonds until aromatic, about two minutes. Ingredients for the dressing: 2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard  2 oz. red wine vinegar (something good)  1 lemon (juiced) 1 clove garlic (smashed and chopped fine) 6 oz. extra virgin olive oil Preparation for the dressing: Finely mince the garlic. ...

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Dovetail’s Butterscotch Pudding

Posted on Feb 29, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Pastry Chef Vera Tong (Yield: 8 portions) Ingredients: Sugar ¾ cup Water ¼ cup Heavy Cream ¼ cup Muscavado Sugar ½ cup Cornstarch  ½ cup Kosher salt 1 ½ teaspoons Milk 3 cups Egg Yolks 4 Unsalted Cold Butter 4oz and 2 tablespoons ¼ cup Scotch Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon Preparation: Caramelize sugar and water in a heavy bottomed sauce pot until color is deep amber. Meanwhile, heat heavy cream in another saucepan. Slowly add to caramel. In a 4-quart saucepot, combine muscavado sugar, cornstarch, salt, milk, yolks and caramel. Cook on medium flame, whisking constantly until very thick. Immediately transfer pudding to a separate container. Add butter and stir until completely emulsified. Add scotch and vanilla and mix until uniform in texture. Pour into 4 oz ramekins and set in refrigerator for 4 hours (If you prefer...

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15 East’s Ikura Shoyu – Soy Marinated Salmon Roe

Posted on Feb 21, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Sushi Chef Masato Shimizu (Serves 4) Ingredients for the ikura: 4 oz ikura (salmon roe)  Salt  Yuzu zest Ingredients for dashi jiru: 6 ½ oz   katsuo dashi (bonito broth)  0.3 oz    mirin  0.3 oz    soy sauce To prepare ikura: In a medium bowl, wash roe in salted ice water to separate the eggs then strain.  In a large bowl, wash the roe in fresh cold water and strain.  Repeat three times, straining well each time.  To make dashi jiru: In a medium pot, bring to boil katsuo dashi, mirin and soy sauce.  Chill in an ice water bath. To marinate the ikura: In a medium bowl, combine the washed roe with 1 ounce of dashi jiru.  “Wash” the roe with dashi jiru then strain.  In a large bowl, combine roe with half (about 3 ounces)...

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Buddakan’s Spicy Chocolate Cremeux

Posted on Feb 15, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

(with Roasted Bananas & Whipped Cream) By Pastry Chef Daniel Skurnick Ingredients Chocolate Crémeux Milk 1 c. Heavy Cream  1 c. Cinnamon Sticks 1 each Star Anise 1 each Small Dried Chile 1 ea Egg Yolks 5 each Sugar 1/3 c. Dark Chocolate, chopped 14 oz. Roasted Bananas Bananas 2 each Palm Sugar  1 T. Butter 1 T. Dark Rum 3 T. Sea salt 1/8 t. Preparation: (for the Chocolate Crémeux) In a small sauce pan, bring the milk, cream, and spices to a boil, and then remove from heat.  Allow the milk to cool and the spices to steep for at least 30 minutes.  Strain the spices out of the milk and discard.  Meanwhile, in medium sized bowl, whisk together the sugar and egg yolks.  Return the spiced milk and cream to a boil, then pour over the...

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Abboccato’s Spaghettini with Razor Clams & Bottarga

Posted on Feb 1, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef de Cuisine Jake Addeo (Yield – 4 portions) Ingredients: 16 oz. Spaghettini Pasta 4 0z. Extra virgin Olive Oil 3 Garlic Gloves, sliced thin 1 Tsp. Red Pepper Flakes 12 oz. Razor Clams, Cut in 2 inch Pieces ½ Orange, zested 1 oz. Seasoned Bread Crumbs (see recipe below) 2 oz. Bottarga, thinly sliced Instructions: Boil 1-2 gallons of water in a large pot. When water comes to a boil add fine sea salt until the water tastes like sea water. Add pasta and set a timer for 6 min. ~ In a large sauté pan add ½ of the olive oil with the sliced garlic.  Sauté until the garlic is translucent.  Add red pepper flakes, then add 1 cup of the boiling salted pasta water. Turn off heat. ~ When there is 1 min left on...

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Anne Burrell’s Truffled Deviled Eggs

Posted on Jan 25, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

From Centro Vinoteca 6 eggs 1 ½ cups mayonnaise 1 tablespoon truffle oil Pinch of cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons black truffle peelings, finely chopped (optional) Chopped chives for garnish Place the eggs in a pot and cover with tap water. The level of water should be about 1 inch above the eggs. Bring the pot to a boil. Turn off the heat, cover and let sit for exactly 13 minutes. Uncover and run the eggs under cold water to cool if using immediately or refrigerate until ready to use. Peel the eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks from the whites. Place the yolks in a mixer bowl or mash with a fork. Add the mayo, truffle oil, cayenne and peelings if using. Whip until very light and fluffy. *If you want a little more truffle flavor...

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Alex Urena’s Paella

Posted on Jan 18, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

From Pamplona (Serves 2) Ingredients ½ lb of rice ½ onion small diced 1 red pepper, small diced 3 cloves of garlic, brunoise 1 ½ tbsp of Paprika 3 grams Saffron ¾ qt of chicken stock 1 fresh chorizo link 1 chicken leg cut in small pieces 5 oz of rib eye steak 10 cockles 10 mussels 6 shrimp 4 tbsp olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Make a sofrito with onions, peppers, garlic, paprika. Season with salt and pepper Add chicken, steak and chorizo. Add rice. Cook the mussels and cockles in a separate pot just till open. Reserve Drain liquid, add liquid to the rice. When rice is almost cooked, add shrimp. When paella is almost cooked, if you want to remove cockles and mussels from shell, add to rice to warm. Then serve. Photo Credit:...

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Michael Anthony’s Blackfish with Spaghetti Squash

Posted on Jan 10, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

From Gramercy Tavern (Yield:  8 servings) Blackfish is a common by-catch on the east coast. For blackfish: Blackfish, boneless and skinless    8 – 5 ounce filets Olive oil  2 Tbsp Garlic, peeled and smashed  1 clove Thyme 1 sprig Salt to taste Pepper to taste 1.    Season fish with salt and pepper on both sides. 2.    Heat olive oil in sauté pan with garlic and thyme. 3.    Add fish and sauté, basting with olive oil. For spaghetti squash: Spaghetti squash, cut in ½ lengthwise 1 each Olive oil 3 Tbsp Salt to taste Pepper to taste Walnut pieces 3 Tbsp Wildflower honey (preferably Hampton’s) 1 tsp Lemon juice 1 tsp 1.    Preheat oven to 375° F. 2.    Season squash with salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. 3.    Place squash, cut...

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Shorty’s.32 Codfish with Gruyere Broth

Posted on Jan 2, 2008 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Josh Eden Owner & Chef of Shorty’s.32 For The Cod 1 6oz portion of Cod skinless Roast Cod in oven skin side down in a sauté pan When finished reserve and assemble as described For the Broth 1 medium size Spanish onion rough chop  2 stalks of celery rough chop  1 head of Garlic cut in half  1 sprig of thyme 2 lb of Gruyere cheese wrapped in Cheese Cloth Bring all items to a boil and allow simmering for 2 hours, making sure you stir or cheese cloth will stick to the bottom of the pot. After simmering for two hours strain and reserve. For the Onions 2 onions cut in half and sliced thin. Sauté Onions with 2 tb. of whole butter. Cook on low flame slowly until caramelized. Do not rush this process or your...

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Graffiti’s Green Mango Paneer

Posted on Dec 27, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

by Chef Jehangir Mehta & Owner of Graffiti (Serves 4) Ingredients: 8 oz of cubed paneer 2 green mangos diced (small) 1/3 cup grape seed oil 1⁄2 tsp ground tumeric 1⁄2 tsp chili powder 1 small pinch of asafoetdda Instructions: 1. Fry cubed paneer in 1 inch of grapeseed oil until golden brown, then set aside 2. In a separate pan heat 1/3 cup of grape seed oil on medium heat and add diced green mangos, ground tumeric, chili powder and asafoetdda.  Cook for 1-2 minutes and add salt to taste. 3. Remove from stove and place fried paneer into a container and combine with marinade (green mango, ground tumeric, chili powder, etc) 4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours 5. When ready to enjoy, heat the mixture up on the stove in a pan or microwave...

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Fabio Trabocchi’s Le Paste con le Sarde

Posted on Dec 20, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Le paste con le sarde (Serves 4 as an appetizer) 8 fresh sardines, filleted and pin bones (ask your fish monger to butcher to your specifications)salt and pepper 4 ounces extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced pinch of red pepper flakes ¼ cup golden raisins ¼ cup toasted pine nuts 1 pinch of saffron 1/8 cup dill, chopped coarsely 1/3 cup parsley, chopped ½ pound bucatini, cooked al dente with ½ cup pasta liquid reserved Season the sardines with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat the oil in a large sauté pan over medium-low heat.  When hot, add the garlic and red pepper flakes and stir constantly until the garlic starts to sizzle. Cook until the garlic is translucent and soft, reducing the heat if necessary so the garlic does not brown at all.  Add...

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Joey Campanaro’s Spinach Gnocchi

Posted on Dec 13, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Spinach Gnocchi Pancetta Beurre-Noisette Chanterelles, sage, capers and Parmesan Prep Time:   1 hour Servings: 8 portions Cooking Time:  2 minutes Ingredients: 2 Idaho potatoes 3 cups all purpose flour 1 bunch of picked, cleaned spinach 2 cups of flour 3 tbsp pancetta 2 tbsp chanterelle mushrooms ¼ cup Brandy 2 tbsp salted butter 3 leeks 3 lemons 3 Roma Tomatoes 1 cup reduced chicken stock 1 bunch fresh sage ½ cup capers 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese Preparation: Peel and boil the potatoes in plenty of salted water until just tender and falling apart. Cool them and then rice them onto a clean tabletop. Blanch and puree the spinach with a little bit of water. Pour the puree on top of the riced potatoes. Add the flour on top and carefully kneed the mixture until a soft ball...

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Pichet Ong’s Polenta & Corn Pudding with Shitake Mushrooms, Chives & Marscapone

Posted on Dec 7, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Polenta & Corn Pudding with Shitake Mushrooms, Chives, and Marscapone  (Serves 8) This is a hearty dish that is a pastry chef’s take on polenta and mushrooms.  I sometimes make a meal out of it alone and like to add crab meat to the mix but like the mushrooms, be sure to add them right before they go in the oven as you don’t want to get the mix watery from sitting for too long.  The batter, once refrigerated, can be stored up to 3 days before it starts to deflate. Mushrooms 220 g mushrooms, rinsed and let dry 2 tablespoon olive oil 1 clove of garlic, minced fine 1 shallot, minced fine 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoon dry white wine Polenta pudding 350 g buttermilk 30 g butter 50 g polenta 2 ears of corn,...

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Rebecca Charles’ Taylor Bay Scallops with Leeks & Butter Sauce

Posted on Nov 21, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

This is a great recipe for homecooks because it is an easy way to introduce yourself to cooking seafood at home. Serves 2 1 small leek 1 cup white wine Kosher Salt and freshly ground black pepper 16 Nantucket or Taylor Bay Scallops in the shell 1/2 pound cold butter, cut into small pieces Prepare the leek by trimming off the dark green top and roots, slicing the white part in half lengthwise, and cutting it into 1/4-inch slices. Immerse the leek slices in a bowl of cold water and agitate then to loosen and remove the sand. Skim the leeks out of the water and into a strainer, leaving the sand behind. In a large saucepan over medium heat, bring the wine to a simmer. Add the leeks and a small pinch of salt and saute for about...

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Jimmy Bradley’s Saute of Zucchini with Almonds & Pecorino

Posted on Nov 15, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Quick Sauté of Zucchini with Toasted Almonds & Pecorino (Adapted from The Red Cat Cookbook by Jimmy Bradley and Andrew Friedman) Serves 4 We’ve served this dish at The Red Cat since our first dinner back in 1999.  The most important thing here is to not overcook the zucchini.  When cooking it, check it with the back of your hand; get it out of the pan when it’s warm, but not too hot.  This will unlock its flavor and help it meld with those of the almonds and oil. Ingredients ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, plus more for serving ¼ cup sliced almonds 3 to 4 small zucchini, sliced lengthwise into 1/8-inch-thick slices, then into matchstick sized segments (about 5 cups matchsticks) Salt Freshly ground black pepper ¼ pound pecorino Romano, thinly sliced into 12 triangular sheets with...

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Gusto’s Pumpkin Pansotti

Posted on Nov 8, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Chef Amanda Freitag shares a brand new recipe from her kitchen at West Village Italian, Gusto.  You can’t get more fall than a pumpkin pansotti with apple cider reduction… Pumpkin Pansotti with Spiced Hazelnuts & Apple Cider Reduction Chef Amanda Freitag (Serves 4) Ingredients for the pasta: 3 cups “00” flour (low gluten flour) ½ tsp. salt 3 eggs ½ tsp extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup semolina flour for dusting Ingredients for the filling: 1 medium or 2 small sugar pumpkins ½ cup ricotta cheese ¼ cup parmigiano reggiano, grated Salt and pepper to taste Pinch of nutmeg Ingredients for the sauce: 2 cups apple cider, reduced to ¼ cup ¾ cup hazelnuts Pinch cayenne pepper ¼ tsp. cinnamon 1/8 tsp. nutmeg Salt 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp. butter Preparation for the pasta… Preparation for...

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Landmarc’s Spaghetti Carbonara

Posted on Nov 1, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

This week, chef Marc Murphy shares a signature Landmarc recipe, initially employed at the Tribeca flagship restaurant.  Without further ado… Spaghetti a la Carbonara (serves 6 to 8 people) Ingredients: 1 box of spaghetti 6 whole eggs 2 cups grated parmesan 1 slab of bacon (small dice) fresh cracked black pepper salt to taste Preparation: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.  In a large bowl combine eggs, cheese and pepper.  Mix well. Cook bacon in a sauté pan until golden brown.  Cook pasta to al dente, then drain (reserve some pasta water).  Add hot pasta and bacon (with all the fat) to egg & cheese mixture.  Mix well (add some pasta water if mixture is too dry.)  Season with salt if necessary and serve. Phone: (212)343-3883 Address: 179 West Broadway, btwn. Leonard & Worth Sts....

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Stanton Social’s Pumpkin-Goat Cheese Croquettes

Posted on Oct 26, 2007 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

This week Chris Santos shares a highlight from Stanton Social‘s fall specials, a vegetable I’m extremely partial to – the pumpkin… Pumpkin-Goat Cheese Croquettes drizzled with maple mascarpone & crispy sage Croquettes 1 lb pumpkin puree 1 lb goat cheese eggs 1 bunch thyme picked 2 cups fine bread crumbs salt to taste 1 bunch sage Mascarpone Maple Drizzle 1 cup mascarpone 1/2 cup heavy cream 3 tbsp maple syrup Mix thyme, goat cheese and pumpkin puree in a small bowl.  Refrigerate. Make small 1 ounce “balls'” of the mixture. Dredge in beaten eggs, then coat with coarse bread crumbs (panko works best).  Refrigerate again. For the mascarpone – mix 1 cup mascarpone, 1/2 cup heavy cream and 3 tbsp maple syrup. Pan fry the croquettes until golden. as they are frying toss in leaves of sage. Remove from...

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