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Talk about an underrated restaurant: Not once did anyone mention Rech when recommending restaurants to visit in Paris.  That’s a mistake. I make to sure hit up Rech every time I head to Paris because it’s all the things you love about France wrapped up in one casually elegant spot.  Why?  For starters, there’s a terrific selection of Oysters from all over France.  But that’s just one of the stellar slurry of shellfish on display outside the entrance of Rech, a compelling lure to step inside and order the Seafood Plateau, brimming with Langoustines, Mussels, Clams, Crayfish, Whelks, Shrimps and I could go on.  You could order the Plateau, nibble on great French bread and butter, drink some Chablis and call it a good night here. But then you’d miss the Vegetable Tart, a vibrant melange of spring produce —...

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