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Seafood Cuisines

Iceland Asserts Itself in NYC With Icelandic Fish & Chips

Neighborhood: , , , | Featured in Restaurant Spotting

With locations in downtown Reykjavik and now the West Village, Icelandic Fish and Chips aims to take on a grease laden British favorite, and give it a wholesome Nordic twist…

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Where to Get Your Seafood Fix this Summer

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Summer, Summer Eats

It’s happy season for us, because our number one favorite food group, seafood, is front and center. Which is why we’re spreading the wealth, by showcasing our favorite new places for chowing down on shellfish this summer, from the “pescatarian” Gloria, where red meat doesn’t have any role on the menu, to Simply Hooked, an upscale oasis of fish and chips.

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Oceana Opens a Poke Outpost

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Restaurant Spotting, Trendwatch

Assumed the poke craze was finally slowing down? Think again — if anything, it’s just attracting higher-end proponents. Witness the Livanos hospitality group, behind the Bill Telepan-helmed Oceana, which is sticking with its fresh fish theme at Oceana Poke…

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8 Great Soft Shell Crab Dishes with Asian Flair

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Spring Eats

While often associated with Maryland, soft shell crabs are equally popular in Asia. So even though NYC teems with Eastern seaboard-style eats — such as lemon-spritzed soft shells on potato rolls — come spring, you’re just as likely to find iterations inspired by the Far East! From Talde’s Vietnamese bun cha with crab to Nom Wah Nolita’s underwater bao…

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Long Island Eats Meet Manhattan Chic at Out East

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

Seafood is an awfully easy sell during spring and summer; especially to city-enslaved New Yorkers, desperate for a weekend respite in the Hamptons. So although it was originally slated for January, the delay could well prove a boon to Out East — located, not in posh Montauk — but on hardscrabble Avenue A in the Village.

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The “Pescatarian” Gloria is a Catch for Hell’s Kitchen

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

We’re easily wooed by seafood of any sort, but news that a “pescatarian” eatery recently opened, run by alums of Le Bernardin and Contra? That’s cause for an all-out crustacean celebration. Add in the fact that it’s in the aptly-named restaurant wasteland of Hell’s Kitchen & Gloria becomes one of the most welcome debuts of the season!

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Where to Celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes 2016

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Best Of, Christmas Eats

Whether you’re legitimately Italian (or simply seafood lovers like us), here’s where to commemorate La Viglia in NYC, at spots like Oceana, Otto, Grand Central Oyster Bar, and more!

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Where to Eat Poke in New York

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Ethnic Eats

When we fingered poké as a burgeoning trend at the close of 2015, we had no idea just how frenzied the Hawaiian-style, marinated fish craze would actually get. So here’s a (pared down!) selection of where to stock up on poké in the city, from Midtown to Brooklyn and beyond!

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Go Fish at Osakana, an Awesome, New Brooklyn Seafood Market

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Food Markets

Before he became a breakout Smorgasburg star (for his mazemen-style noodle stand, Yuji Ramen), and a respected Williamsburg restaurateur (as co-owner of the admired Japanese breakfast spot, Okonomi), Yuji Haraguchi was a successful wholesaler, supplying top-tier seafood to some of America’s top chefs…

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Shore Up On Seafood, With Our Guide to the Best Shellfish Destinations in NYC

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Summer

We’d never dream of knocking on ice cream, but what we really scream for in the summer is seafood. You shuck it, grill it, deep-fry it or steam it, and you can bet your life that we’ll eat it, from the East Coast Oysters at Cull & Pistol, to the Fritto Misto at Sabbia, and the classic Grilled Squid Tacos at Seamore’s…

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Marco Canora Transforms Fifty Paces into Zadie’s Oyster Room

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

Ever since opening his bone broth window, Brodo, and releasing his books, it’s become evident that Marco Canora is intent on rejuvenating himself. He’s elected to give his Fifty Paces the heave-ho as well, transforming the East 12th Street space once again, into a turn-of-the-century oyster room…

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New York’s Best End-of-Summer Beach Eats

Neighborhood: | Featured in Al Fresco Dining, Best Of, Seasonal Eats, Summer

With summer slipping away at an alarming pace, you’re going to want to spend as much of it as possible at the beach. And thankfully, there’s no real reason to step away from the sand and surf even for a minute, as the city’s shorelines are simply packed with amazing eats, from the Smorgasburg vendors at Coney Island, to a revolving stable of Latin American restaurants in the Rockaways.

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A Crustacean Crawl Through City Island

Neighborhood: | Featured in City Guides, Destination Dining

City Island is one of the best-kept not quite secrets among New Yorkers — a quaint fishing village improbably situated on the far-flung banks of the Bronx. And for landlocked urban dwellers, it’s an ideal weekend day trip to savor what’s left of summer…

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Dish Spotting: New York’s Best Soft Shell Crab Dishes

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Dish Spotting, Spring Eats

Ramps are so last week — we’ve moved onto our other favorite, fleeting, super-seasonal ingredient, soft shell crabs. Referring to blue crabs that have been removed from the water as soon as they molt (this preventing any further hardening of their shell), the entire crustacean can be eaten; save for its mouth, gills, and abdomen…

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BKB Brings East Hampton to the Upper East Side

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

Don’t have a house in the Hampton’s to escape to this summer? A meal at Bay Kitchen Bar — the new, Upper East Side outpost of the popular East Hampton sea-to-table spot — might just be the next best thing…

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A Seafood-Lovers Brunch at Barchetta

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant

Given our self-proclaimed obsession with shellfish, brunch often feels like a missed opportunity. After all, there are generally precious few seafood dishes available during the breakfast-meets-lunch meal, save for smoked salmon. But if anyone understands our penchant for under-the-sea eats, it’s Dave Pasternack, whose claim to fame was opening one of New York’s top seafood destinations, Esca, along with Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich back in 2000. That’s why it was especially exciting for us fish-o-philes when Pasternack finally launched Barchetta with a weekend seafood feast…

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Where to Celebrate National Oyster Day

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of

If you’re a sucker for food holidays, you might be interested to know that tomorrow (Tuesday) is National Oyster Day! But we don’t need a whole lot of incentive to get down with a dozen or so of the succulent, briny mollusks, and it looks like the rest of the world doesn’t either — nearly two million pounds are consumed every year. And while New York may not be the bustling fishing village it once was, you can still find them in spades at many of our great restaurants and bars. So here’s where to get your slurp on during National Oyster Day — and beyond — from the dazzling under-the-sea sanctuary, Oceana, in Midtown, to the sizzlingly sexy dollar oyster mecca, Maison Premiere, in Williamsburg…

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Barchetta – Reviewed

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

These days a chef isn’t just, well, a chef. Some are TV chefs who have a token restaurant or don’t have a restaurant at all. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ina Garten is a killer cook and she doesn’t own an eatery.) Some have lines of cookware and shelves of their own cookbooks. Others are pure kitchen guys who rarely make an appearance in the dining room, while some manage to be businessmen who build dining empires. But it’s really hard to pin down Dave Pasternack…

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Neighborhood: | Featured in City Guides, Restaurant

Heard of the impossible reservation that is Septime?  Well, owners chef Bertrand Grébaut and Théo Pourriat’s recently opened a no-reservations spot (yes, there is hope!) right next door.   Clamato is a casual “seafood bistro,” a fish shack of sorts with a French bent, and one of Paris’s best kept secrets. I say secret not because Clamato flies completely under the radar or anything, it’s just not on anyone’s must-try list and it should be.  I actually had a reservation at Taillevant for dinner, but after forty straight days of mostly eating tasting menus at serious restaurants, I wanted something light and not-so-serious.  So I wandered over to Clamato and was lucky enough to grab the last open bar stool.   Talk about a great vibe: The place is buzzing with chatter, a breeze blowing through the room by way of bay windows...

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Neighborhood: , | Featured in City Guides, Restaurant

Talk about an underrated restaurant: Not once did anyone mention Rech when recommending restaurants to visit in Paris.  That’s a mistake. I make to sure hit up Rech every time I head to Paris because it’s all the things you love about France wrapped up in one casually elegant spot.  Why?  For starters, there’s a terrific selection of Oysters from all over France.  But that’s just one of the stellar slurry of shellfish on display outside the entrance of Rech, a compelling lure to step inside and order the Seafood Plateau, brimming with Langoustines, Mussels, Clams, Crayfish, Whelks, Shrimps and I could go on.  You could order the Plateau, nibble on great French bread and butter, drink some Chablis and call it a good night here. But then you’d miss the Vegetable Tart, a vibrant melange of spring produce —...

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