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64 W. 10th St.,
New York
New York 10011
Phone: (212) 505-7777

If you’re looking for a quirky tapas bar, Alta is a no brainer.  In true tapas style, the menu is devoted entirely to small plates, but they’re not limited to Spain.  Alta’s menu is inspired by flavors from all over the world.   There’s Fried Goat Cheese  with lavender honey and Stuffed Grape Leaves filled with chicken confit and jasmine rice.  They’ve even got a Pastrami Ravioli on the menu.  But if there’s one dish at Altayou absolutely must order, it’s their Bacon Wrapped Dates and Olives.  Of course, we’ve heard of bacon-wrapped dates before, but Bacon-Wrapped Olives?  That’s a new one.  Both the olives and dates are stuffed with almonds for a little added crunch then wrapped in super smoky bacon and served.  It’s probably a good thing this dish is served as a small, shareable plate, because we could keep nibbling on this one all night long.

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