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Blue Hill At Stone Barns

, 630 Bedford Road
Pocantico Hills
New York 10591
Phone: 914-366-9600

If you’ve never been to the magical place that is Blue Hill at Stone Barns, you’d be wise to add it to your must-try before you die lists.  While it’s located only an hour outside the city, it feels worlds away from Manhattan, and even Blue Hill’s city outpost.

IMG_5094It’s there in Pocantico Hills where chef Dan Barber brings city folks (and a flurry of tourists) back to the land where everything on our plate comes from.  Few chefs have earned the title “pioneer” more than Dan Barber himself, who practically invented the farm-to-table movement nearly a decade ago.  And he continues to push the envelope with new notions of sustainability, farming and the like.

IMG_5021Dinner at Blue Hill is a multi-course extravaganza, made up not of luxe ingredients per se, but rather homegrown and humble.  One of the newest, most delicious additions to Stone Barns is the bakery, located just off the main dining room, where they’re dabbling with heirloom and ancient grains and new techniques; one plush result is the crusty eikhorn bread, served with luscious, homespun butter.  The chickens eat red peppers and roam free (resulting in vibrant red yolks), and the foie gras is ethical, some of the only “wild” raised geese in the country.

teaIt’s a thought-provoking, simultaneously simple, yet blissfully complicated feast that will change the way you think about food forever.

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