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Bohemian Hall Beer Garden

29-19 24th Ave,
New York 11105
Phone: (718) 274-4925

This spot used to be a Czech and Slovak social club, so it comes as no surprise that their outdoor beer garden regularly hosts traditional Czech and Slovak festivals, concerts, and sporting events all summer long.  And with a huge outdoor area, you never have to worry about finding a spot to relax with a cold one when the weather permits.  All of their beers are served in  a mug or a pitcher, all the same price ($6 and $16, respectively).  Be sure and try a mug of the Spaten Octoberfest.  A perfect fall beer, it’s smooth and rich with the sweet taste of butterscotch and a spicy finish.  In keeping with the theme, you can order some Czech potato pancakes or pork schnitzel with czech potato salad.  Rule of thumb here: you can’t go wrong with anything that has the word Czech beside it.

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