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La Boulangerie Beaumarchais

28 Boulevard Beaumarchais,

The reason you don’t read more about this boulangerie is because no one really knows the actual name of this underrated bakery.  Some people call it Boulangerie 28 (which refers to its street number), while others refer to it as Boulangerie Beaumarchais (it’s on Boulevard Beaumarchais), or even Boulangerie-Patisserie Beaumarchais because that’s what it says on the sign above the door.  You’d think they owners would be concerned with branding themselves a bakery to reckon with, but the older woman who seems to own it seems pretty indifferent to everything except counting out your change.

IMG_8674Why should she worry when there’s a line so often trailing out the door?  I happily waited my turn many a time for a taste of their Olive Baguettine, which is quite simply to-die-for.  I’ve never had a plusher baguette in my life, a doughy dream flecked with nibbles of Nicoise Olives.   If that’s not your style, there’s a Cheese Baguettine, and another with Chorizo to choose from.  There are so many good dried fruit and nut breads, too, like the Chapeterine with Hazelnuts and Raisins, and a terrific Croissant Coco e Amandes with almonds and cocoa, showered with Powdered Sugar.  The real move is a sandwich made with one of their freshly baked breads, layered with jamon, cheese, and the like.

The weakest link here is the Croissant Ordinaire, made with margarine, a poor man’s puff pastry that’s not worth the calories.  Instead, try the Pain De Chocolate or Pain Aux Raisins, which I liken to a betterman’s Danish with raisins.



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