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Kiss Sushi

1700 Laguna Street,
San Francisco
CA 94115
Phone: 415-474-2866

There are only twelve seats at this jewel box of a sushi spot in San Francisco.   If you’re a purist about your sushi, you’ll love Kiss Seafood.  (If you’re not and you love inventive sauces or creative combinations, eat elsewhere.) It’s run by a husband-and-wife team and open only four days a week, which further makes it feel like you’ve just been invited into their notably zen dining room for dinner.

urchinThere’s a solid sake selection and some seriously fresh fish.  The chef specializes in a series of cooked dishes, like fish ball soup or steamed sea urchin with tofu sauce, sashimi, sushi, and various levels of omakase.  I recommend the chef’s omakase, which includes a mix of cooked dishes, sashimi and sushi.   On the night we were there, the omakase included a trio of raw fish preparations, including cold octopus, crab and hamachi tartare.  Nothing is mind-blowing, but everything is expertly prepared and extremely fresh, like the grilled hamachi collar, and sea urchin from Japan.

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