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Le 6 Paul Bert

6 Rue Paul Bert,
Phone: +33 1 43 79 14 32

Turbot with Cauliflower Puree

Ever since Bertrand Auboyneau opened Bistrot Paul Bert, Rue Paul Bert has become somewhat of a dining destination.  His latest venture Le 6 Paul Bert, named after its address, is located just down the street from his always buzzy bistro in an equally laidback looking space, furbished with light wood floors, picture windows, glossy red tables, gray snakeskin banquettes, and a clever chandelier made out of forks and spoons.  Think farmhouse chic.

You wouldn’t expect to find a tasting menu at a casual spot with a long communal table, but these days you can never tell.  Le 6 Paul Bert is an ambitious spot with a daily changing menu with no real loyalty to country.  In other words, it’s not a French restaurant, but a seasonal one.  Maybe that’s why I was disappointed with dinner here and why so many natives love it.  Because it’s different than every other French restaurant.


Veal with Artichoke and Green Onions

The focus is small plates of the modern sorts, like seared Beef with Fish Eggs and Smoked Onions, which registered weird as far as food combinations go.  Then came Sea Bream Crudo sadly overtaken by the sweetness of Raw Beet Jus, and Turbot overshadowed by Mustard and Cauliflower Puree.  Though I won’t deny I loved the Octopus amped up by Olive Puree and Green Onions, and the wine list is a standout with some great, natural wine offerings.

Le 6 Paul Bert isn’t high on my must-try list, that is unless you’re spending a few months in Paris and need a change of pace from French food.







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