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Le Comptoir

251 Grand Street,
New York 11211
Phone: (718) 486-3300

There are so many exciting restaurants in Brooklyn these days, it’s hard to know which ones to try first.  We’ll make it easy for you by putting Le Comptoir as a must for brunch.  And the Creme Brulee French Toast has a lot to do with it.   This ingenious creation — great for a hangover — is albeit a curious looking concoction (so consider yourself warned), but a delicious one at that.  It arrives to the table in an oblong soufflé dish, looking like nothing more than a doughy mass of bread and sugar.  But dip below the crust and you’ll discover a super creamy, caramelized custard beneath topped with a fresh berry compote.  You might have to waddle your way out of the trendy eatery, but this decadent brulee will have been well worth it.  Trust us.

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