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Marche President Wilson

Avenue President Wilson, between Place d'lena and Rue Debrousse

Marché President Wilson is proof that outdoor markets don’t have to be so ‘rough and tumble’ so to speak.  In fact, this one on the rather luxe Avenue President Wilson, just across from the Seine River, happens to be situated on a very wide and stunning street in the 16th arrondissement.

fishwilsonWhat that means in layman’s terms is plenty of room to wander without elbowing your way down the shopping aisles at this airy, al fresco marche with top-notch ingredients (the best in Paris).  Really, you’ll have to look no further than the fish stalls to see the impeccable spread, including six types of Escargot, eight varieties of Shrimp, beautiful St. Pierre, Turbot, Flounder, clams, crabs, oysters, and heaps more all displayed on ice.

flowerswilsonThere are gorgeous mushrooms from the countryside, an impressive slurry of Blue Cheeses, Brie, Muenster, Comte, Goat and on.   Lest I forget the gorgeous flowers, especially the array of peonies.  And the breads here are my favorite, all sorts of savory and sweet, from olive nut pain to chocolate bread, croissants, and even Viennoserie.  Did I mention the Roast Chickens, particularly the Bresse?  Yep.

And if you need a break from French food, you’ll find a terrific Lebanese stall, another with an impressive Spanish spread along with piping hot paellas, freshly made Italian pastas to-go, and Moroccan eats.  There’s a fantastic spice stall, too.  But it’s only open two days a week (on Wednesdays & Saturdays), so plan your visit to this beauty of an outdoor market accordingly because you won’t want to miss this one.

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