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Best Gastropub – Pork Slope

247 5th Ave,
New York 11215
Phone: (718) 768-7675

It doesn’t get more unpretentious and casual than this recently opened Park Slope pub, even though Top Chef golden boy Dale Talde is part owner and Executive chef.  All of the classic Americana menu items (Dale’s nearby restaurant, Talde, is known for quirky Asian fusion) are designed to be totally affordable, and ideally paired with a glass of great whisky, a pint of microbrew, or even a PBR and a shot if that’s your thing.  Choices include a smoky Brisket Sandwich, a rack of sticky St. Louis ribs, and a squishy fast food-style burger (that’s actually a great thing.)  Our far and away favorite is the Porky Melt, a sweet sausage patty topped with caramelized onions, mustard and melted cheese, and served on marbled rye bread.  A side of crispy tater tots is a must…we hear that they’re Dale’s go-to snack after a long night of service.

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