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229 South 4th St.,
New York 11211
Phone: (347) 844-9578

There’s something oddly endearing about this irreverently non-kosher restaurant, located smack in the middle of a Hasidic neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.   The cheeky name sets the tone for the menu, studded with pork and shellfish, but there’s one dish that we just can’t stop eating.  And surprisingly, it’s on the dessert menu.  We’ve heard that chef Jason Marcus knew from the start that he wanted a bacon-inspired dessert, but Bacon Doughnuts?  That’s just genius.  The light, buttermilk doughnuts are coated with a dulce de leche glaze, sprinkled with bacon bits, and served with a scoop of coffee ice cream on the side.  The combination of the buttermilk, bacon, and coffee gives the dish a breakfast-for-dessert vibe, and we’re loving every last bite  And what better way is there to end a meal than with some bacon?

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