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Rouge Tomate's Chocolate Banana Napoleon

Posted on Oct 22, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Pastry Chef James DiStefano(Makes 1) Ingredients for the Banana Bread:       3 1/2 sticks butter  15 oz sugar ¼ cup + 1 tsp. non-fat yogurt (fage, pink label)     4 eggs     17 ½ oz. all purpose flour           1 ½ tsp. baking soda                    1 tsp. baking powder          1 ½ tsp. kosher salt          20 oz. (about 3-4 bananas) ripe banana (cut in to chunks)        ½ cup toasted sunflower seeds          Preparation: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees farenheit2. Lightly spray cake pan with pam, then lightly dust bottom and all sides with granulated sugar.  Set aside.3. Combine butter and sugar and place in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.  Turn mixer on to medium speed.4. Continue to mix until butter and sugar are light and fluffy.  This will take roughly 5-7 minutes.5. Turn off machine and scrape down the...

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Porter House's Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Glaze

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Michael Lomonaco (Serves 4) Ingredients:  2-1/2  pounds skirt steak 3 tablespoons olive oil 2 large ripe tomatoes cut into wedges 1 small Bermuda onion, thinly sliced 1 bunch watercress, washed and dried, and coarsely chopped Chimichurri sauce II: 1 cup olive oil ¼ cup white vinegar 1 cup flat leaf parsley leaves 1 small white onion, diced, about ¼ cup 2 cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped ¼ teaspoon red chili flakes 1 ½ teaspoons dry oregano sea salt black pepper Procedure: 1. Combine all the chimichurri ingredients in the bowl of a food processor or blender process for 1 minute, and set aside. Season the sauce with salt and pepper, and taste. The chimichurri may be prepared three days in advance and refrigerates well. Kept refrigerated it will last for up to a week.  2. Cook...

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5 Reasons to Visit Foxwoods this Fall

Posted on Oct 9, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Where do chefs go after New York?  Recently, a number of them have resurfaced at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.  It’s a little like a recession-friendly Vegas minus the airfare.   Chef Kevin Long worked at Park Avenue Cafe before turning up at Shrine at the MGM casino, while Chris Shea spent time at David Burke before DB Prime.  If you’ve never dined at Radius, Michael Schlow’s highly acclaimed Boston restaurant, you might want to head to Foxwoods to eat at his new spot, Alta Strada.  Not a bad day idea for a day trip. Alta Strada’s Spaghettini Pomodoro  By Executive Chef Michael Schlow   (Serves 1) Ingredients: 2oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 11oz Milled Tomatoes sliced garlic (11 slices) 4.5oz spaghettini Salt Pepper Crushed Red Pepper Flake Sugar 1oz chopped Italian Parsley Procedure:  Place olive oil and garlic in...

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Landmarc's Salmon with Ratatuouille & Olive Tapenade

Posted on Oct 2, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef/Owner Marc Murphy(Serves 4)  For Ratatouille 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 small red onion, large dice 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 red bell pepper, large dice 1 small eggplant,  large dice 1 zucchini, large dice 1 yellow squash, large dice 1 28-ounce can peeled  crushed tomatoes A bouquet garni of 2 sprigs fresh thyme, 2 sprigs fresh rosemary, 1 bay leaf kosher salt freshly ground black pepper  For Salmon 4 6-ounce salmon fillets, skin on 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil kosher salt freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup tapenade (see recipe) Preparation:Heat oil in large pot over medium-high heat  Add onions and garlic, cook until softened, about 10 minutes. Add bell pepper and eggplant, cook until softened, stirring occasionally, about 10 minutes.   Add zucchini and squash,  cook until tender, about 8 minutes.  Add tomatoes and  bouquet...

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Hill Country's Pit-Smoked, Chili-Rubbed Chicken Wings

Posted on Sep 25, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

It’s officially NFL season and Hill Country is ready to go.  On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the bbq joint will be serving these wings along with chili-topped mac & cheese to honor the game day specials. By Pit Master Pete Daversa Ingredients: 2 lbs chicken wings Chili rub (recipe follows) Wood Chips Chili Rub: 4 tsp. mustard powder 4 tsp. granulated garlic 4 tsp. onion powder 4 tsp. paprika 4 tsp. cayenne pepper 6 tbsp. chili powder 1 ½ cups dark brown sugar ½ cup sugar in the raw ½ cup kosher salt ½ cup granulated sugar Procedure: 1) Mix all ingredients together.2) Soak the wood chips in water for a couple of hours.3) Thoroughly coat chicken wings with chili rub.  This can be done up to 1 day in advance.4) Fire up your grill or smoker.  If you...

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il buco's Ricotta Fritters

Posted on Sep 17, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Gourmet Gossip, Recipes

By Executive Chef Ignacio Mattos(Serves 6-8) Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 ½ tbsp. sugar 10 oz. sheep’s milk ricotta 2/3 cup flour 3 tbsp. baking powder 3 tbsp. Vin Santo Zest of one Lemon Peanut or canola oil, for frying Procedures: 1) Combine all ingredients and let rest in refrigerator.2) Scoop the batter into peanut or canola oil heated to 350 degrees inside of a deep fryer or deep saucepan.3) Fry until golden brown.4) Serve with a nice drizzle of saba* or vin cotto and sprinkle powdered sugar on top.  Serve.*(Saba is a cooked trebbiano and lambrusco grape must that is then aged. It has a syrupy sweet, deep and complex spice, grape and figs.) These fritters will be featured at il buco’s 6th Annual Pig Roast, being held this Sunday, September 20th from 1-8 PM. Plates are $20 (cash only) and available on-site.  Chef Ignacio Mattos...

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SHO Shaun Hergatt's Slow Poached Egg with Cauliflower Puree

Posted on Sep 11, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt(Serves 6) Ingredients: 1/2 cup olive Truffle oil 6 whole egg 2 head cauliflower, cleaned and broken into even-sized florets ½ pound onions, julienned 2 cloves garlic, julienned 1.5 pounds butter 1 cup heavy cream Black caviar diced truffle, diced chives, gold leaf to garnish Procedure: 1)The night before, prep the egg  Wrapping one egg at a time, lay piece of saran wrap flat on a rimmed plate and drizzle with truffle oil.  Carefully, crack the egg onto the saran wrap, then gather all sides together and tie tightly.  Repeat with remaining eggs.  Carefully store in the refrigerator overnight. 2) Make the Soup Heat olive oil in a large rondeau over medium heat.  When hot, add the onions and garlic and immediately turn heat to low.  Sweat until translucent, about 6-8 minutes.  Once translucent, add...

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The Hog Pit's Fried Pickles with Cajun Chipotle Remoulade

Posted on Sep 4, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Steven StockingerYields 15 chips Ingredients: 1 Sour Pickle about 5” long 1 cup Flour 1/4 cup Cajun Seasoning 1 tablespoon Salt and Pepper 2 large Eggs 1/4 cup Buttermilk 2 tablespoons Dried Parsley 1 1/2 cups Panko Breadcrumbs 8 cups Vegetable Oil Procedure: 1. Place the oil in a pot over medium heat and bring oil up to 350˚.   2. Place flour, Cajun seasoning and 1 tablespoon Salt and Pepper in a bowl and mix well.   3. In a 2nd bowl crack open the 2 eggs, add the buttermilk and the remaining salt and pepper and whisk together.   4. In a food processor place the breadcrumbs and pulse for about 20 seconds.   5. Place breadcrumbs in a bowl, add parsley and mix.   6. Slice the pickle into rounds about 1/4” thick.   7. Dreg...

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The Spotted Pig's Hangtown Fry

Posted on Aug 21, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef April Bloomfield Ingredients: 3 slices Smoked Bacon 2 eggs 2 Crisp spring onions or scallions, thinly sliced 3-4  Oysters, good sized and shucked 3 slices Pickled jalapeños 2 sprigs Parsley, picked and roughly chopped 1/4 Salt Olive Oil Procedure: Preheat broiler.   Heat a medium non-stick pan over medium heat and cook bacon until golden and brown.  Flip the bacon and turn off heat.  Add the gently whipped eggs, salt, pickled jalapeños, and shucked oysters to the pan.  Sprinkle spring onions on top.  Place pan under the broiler for 2 minutes until just cooked.   Shake fry out of the pan onto plate.  Sprinkle with picked parsley and drizzle with a touch of olive oil. Address: 314 W 11th St., at Greenwich St.Phone: (212)...

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The John Dory's Sea bream Ceviche

Posted on Aug 20, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef April BloomfieldIngredients: 1.25 oz thinly sliced Sea Bream Maldon Salt & Lemon Juice to taste 3 Cherry Tomato (mixed colors), halved 2 leaves of marjoram, torn small 5 small dollops of crème fraîche 1. 5 t extra virgin olive oil  Procedure: Place sea bream, tomatoes, and marjoram on a plate.Dollop crème fraiche sparingly.   Season with Maldon salt and lemon juice.   Drizzle with olive oil to finish. Address: 85 10th Ave., between 15th & 16th Sts.Phone: 929-4948...

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Locanda Verde's Pistachio Brown Butter Cake

Posted on Aug 14, 2009 in Recipes

From Chef Karen DeMasco                                                                                                                                        From her new cookbook “The Craft of Baking” Ingredients: 8 ounces (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces, plus more for the pan1 cup unsalted pistachios1 tablespoon all-purpose flour3/4 cup cake flour 2 3/4 cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon kosher salt7 large egg whites (3/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons)1 cup sliced plums and apricots2 tablespoons Demerara sugar Procedure: Put the butter in a small heavy bottomed saucepan and cook it over medium heat until it is light brown and smells nutty, (about six minutes). Remove from the heat and strain through a fine mesh sieve into a small bowl. Combine the pistachios and flour in the bowl of a food processor and grind until fine. Whisk together the ground pistachios, cake flour, powdered sugar, and salt in a large mixing bowl.  Whisk in the egg...

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Jo's Gazpacho

Posted on Jul 31, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By executive chef Ian Topper Kapitan(Serves 6) Ingredients: 2 lbs Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes 1-Cup Bread Crumbs 1 ½ Cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Cloves Garlic 6 Tbsp Spanish Sherry Vinegar 2 Tbsp Kosher Salt 1 Red Pepper 2 Basil Leaves 1/2 Tbsp Finely Chopped Chives 1 Baguette Preparation:   ·        Preheat broiler or grill. Cook the whole peppers over high heat until they have blackened spots and blisters and are tender. ·         Place the peppers into a brown paper bag and roll up the top to seal to steam the peppers. Set aside until the peppers cool. ·         When the peppers are cool, remove the skins. Slice the peppers open and scrape out the cores and seeds. Rinse under water quickly and dry well with paper towels. Cut into a fine julienne or small strips. ·         Core and...

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A60's Plum Sake Sangria

Posted on Jul 23, 2009 in Recipes

Ingredients:1 bottle plum sake12 oz. Svedka Clementine8 oz. dry white wine6 oz. Triple Sec8 oz. pineapple juice2 oz. lime juice Procedure:Chop fresh fruit into cubes (kiwi, pineapple, oranges) and combine with liquid.  Refrigerate for 2 hours.  Serve over ice in a wine glass.  Makes 12-14 servings. A60Thompson Hotel60 Thompson St., btwn. Spring St. & Broome St.(212)...

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Van Leeuwen's Bittersweet Chocolate Ice Cream

Posted on Jul 16, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Created by Chef & Truck Owner Ben Van Leeuwen Ingredients: 2 cups heavy cream 2 1/2 cups whole milk 1 & 1/4 cup sugar 7 egg yolks 6 oz Michel Cluizel 99% Method:   In a double boiler, simmer milk with ¾ sugar until the sugar dissolves, 5-10min on very low heat. (Note: At this point you begin infusing the flavor of your choice)  Add 2 and 1/3 cups of cream and stir, cover and allow to cool for approx 15 ins   Put egg yolks in a separate bowl to begin the emulsification process.  Then, bring cream and milk mix back to a low heat and add a ¼ cup to egg yolks to temper. Whisking constantly. (You will see emulsification begin and foam appear.)  Pour egg mix into remaining milk and cream mix, add chocolate and stir...

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Dovetail's Cucumber Vichyssoise

Posted on Jul 9, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef & Owner John Fraser(Serves 4) Ingredients: 4 cucumbers – 3 ½ cucumbers for the soup; ½ for the garnish 1 large leek (white and pale green parts only) 2 Yukon gold potatoes 1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ cup crème fraiche 1 T Champagne wine vinegar 8 cups water salt, to taste ½ cup dill  1 smoked trout (purchased at the store) peel skins and bones and shredded Procedure: Peel and slice cucumbers.  Wash leek and slice. Peel and slice the potatoes. Sweat the leeks and potatoes until soft, about 10 minutes.  Add the cucumbers and cook just until soft, approximately 4 mins.  Cover with water and cook over medium heat about 20 minutes.  Take off the heat and add the crème fraiche.  Put the liquid mixture into a blender (or use an immersion blender)...

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Morimoto's High Line Cocktail

Posted on Jul 2, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Ingredients: *1 oz. shochu*1 oz. vodka*5 sliced cucumbers*2 shiso or mint leaves. Procedure: 1) Combine shochu and vodka. 2) Add muddled cucumber and shiso. 3) Serve in a highball glass on the rocks with a sugar and chili powder rim. Address: 88 10th Ave. (btwn. 15th & 16th Sts.) Phone: (212)...

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21 Club's Lobster Roll

Posted on Jun 26, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef John Greeley(Serves 1) Ingredients:For Roll 1 Potato Roll (sliced horizontally, spread softened butter on inside and toast in warm pan until golden) 2 Bibb Lettuce Leaves 2 slices Tomato (cut slices in half) * Lobster Salad (see below) For Lobster Salad: 1- 1.5 Lobster (boil lobster / chill and remove meat / cut into ½ inch chunks) 2 tbs. Mayonnaise (homemade or a good Brand name) ½ Lemon (juice and zest from a micro plane) 1 Tbs. Red Onion (small dice) 1 Tbs. Celery (peeled / sliced 1/8 inch thick on mandolin) 1 tsp. Fines Herbs (equal amount chives / tarragon / chervil) 1 Tbs. Avocado Oil Pinch Celery Salt (to taste) Pinch Piment De Espelette (to taste) Method: Mix lobster salad, keep well chilled. Toast roll as per above, lay in Bibb lettuce, and tomato then...

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Fatty Crab's Papaya & Mango Salad

Posted on Jun 19, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Zak Pelaccio(Serves 4) Ingredients:½ quart green, unripe papaya julienne½ quart cucumber julienne½ pint green mango julienne½ quart ripe mango julienne½ pint 1” long charred Chinese long bean1/3 pint lightly crushed roasted peanut1/3 pint julienne long red chilipickled Thai basilpickled Viet mint Dressing:1 Bird’s Eye Chili1 T minced Ginger1 T fish sauce3 limes, juiced1 T coriander roots½ t minced garlic½ t minced shallot2 T palm sugar Method:1) Blend until smooth.2) Mix sliced ingredients in a mixing bowl, season with salt and dressing to coat ingredients.3) Place salad in a bowl and crushed peanuts on top. Fatty CrabAddress: 2170 Broadway, btwn. 77th & 78th Aves.Phone:...

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Fatty Crab's Papaya and Mango Salad

Posted on Jun 19, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Zak Pelaccio(Serves 4) Ingredients: Salad: ½ quart green, unripe papaya julienne ½ quart cucumber julienne ½ pint green mango julienne ½ quart ripe mango julienne ½ pint 1” long charred Chinese long bean 1/3 pint lightly crushed roasted peanut 1/3 pint julienne long red chili pickled Thai basil pickled Viet mint   Dressing: 1 Bird’s Eye Chili 1 T minced Ginger 1 T fish sauce 3 limes, juiced 1 T coriander roots ½ t minced garlic ½ t minced shallot 2 T palm sugar   Method: 1) Blend the dressing ingredients until smooth. 2) Mix sliced ingredients in a mixing bowl, season with salt and dressing to coat ingredients.3) Place salad in a bowl and sprinkle crushed peanuts on top. Address: 2170 Broadway (btwn. 76th & 77th Sts.) Phone: (212)...

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Topolobampo's Mango Guacamole

Posted on Jun 12, 2009 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef/Owner Rick Bayless(Makes about 2 1/2 cups; serves 6) Ingredients: 3 large, ripe avocados1/4 cup diced red onion1/2 to 1 serrano chile to taste, seeded and finely chopped2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, plus a few sprigs for garnish1 tablespoon fresh lime juice1 large, ripe mango, peeled, flesh cut from the pit, and dicedSalt Cucumber and jícama slices or tortilla chips for serving Procedure:Remove the stem at the top of each avocado. Cut the avocados in half, running your knife around the pit from stem to blossom end and back up again. Twist the halves in opposite directions to free the pit, and pull the halves apart. Dislodge the pit, then scoop the avocado flesh into a large bowl. Coarsely mash the avocado with a large fork or potato masher. Gently stir in the onion, chile, chopped cilantro, lime...

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