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Passover Cucumber Soup

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

The Passover seder usually involves heavy, traditional foods of the braised meats and stuffed cabbage sorts that   But  with spring (and bathing suit weather) right around the corner, we’re craving a lighter holiday dish.  Chef Gazala Halabi the owner and chef of both Gazala and Gazala Place — where they bake their own pita daily — is on the same page. For Passover, she’s serving a vibrant cucumber soup that you can re-create at your seder this year. It’s a simple no-cook dish that will keep you away from the stove and give you more time to socialize. And post-holiday, this refreshing cucumber soup is perfect on a hot summer day. Chilled Cucumber Soup By Gazala Halabi Ingredients •    8 oz “Burpless” cucumber – any of the long, thin-skinned variety; chopped fine, with skin on •    8 oz Yogurt;...

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Cocktail

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Happy National Peanut Butter Day!  This is even better than my birthday.  Yes, really.  Peanut butter, especially the chunky type, might just be my favorite food.  Oh, the velvety texture, the crazy crunch, and the intoxicating roasted peanut butter perfume.  I have absolutely no control around anything laced with peanut butter (Le Vain’s chocolate peanut butter chip cookies come to mind), but I’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly cocktail until now!  PB & J CocktailCreated By Gianfranco  (Tippling Bros.) Ingredients 1.5 oz Flor de Caña 7 yr rum 
.5 oz Lustau Palo Cortado Vides
 .25 oz Strawberry jam .25 oz Peanut syrup* (recipe below) *1 Egg white 1 banana 
PreparationShake all ingredients in a shaker without ice, then add ice and shake vigorously again.Strain into a chilled cocktail glass that is rimmed with minced salted-peanuts. For the...

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Colicchio & Son's Caramelized Gingerbread

Posted on Dec 23, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Pastry Chef Stephen Collucci (Serves 12) Ingredients 3/4 cup molasses 3 eggs 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup oil 2 cups all-purpose flour 11/2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup water Procedure 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2. Whisk molasses, egg, and sugar together in a bowl. Add oil and mix to combine. 3. Mix the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl and slowly add to the wet ingredients, scraping down the sides of the bowl, until thoroughly combined. 4. Pour into a greased loaf pan and bake 30 minutes. 5. Slice and serve with creme fraiche ice cream or spread with cream cheese. 6. The batter can also be poured into a greased muffin tin and baked for...

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Il Matto's Clamato Mary

Posted on Aug 19, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Ingredients 1 1/2 ounce of gin 3 ounces of clam juice 1/2 ounce of worcestisher sauce a splash of lemon juice salt pepper fresh thyme PreparationIn a mixing bar glass, add all of the ingredients, ice, and stir.  Garnish with thyme. Il MattoAddress: 281 Church St., btwn. Frankln & Avenue of the AmericasPhone:...

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The Local Store's Spicy Corn on the Cob

Posted on Aug 12, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Corn on the Cob with Spicy Lime ButterBy Richele Ingredients   4 good sized firm ears of corn from the greenmarket.  (Don’t husk them when you buy them as this will make them taste starchy sooner. It’s better to take your chances with a few undevoloped kernels.) 1/4 cup of butter 1 lime cayenne pepper salt  PreparationHusk your corn at home and put all four cobs in salted boiling water for 5 minutes.  For the butter, mix about 1/4 cup butter with the juice and zest of 1 lime and 1/2 teaspoon cayenne.  Get some good sea salt and sprinkle it over the cob to your preference.  The Local StoreAddress: 316 49th Street, btwn 1st & 2nd Aves.Phone:...

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Cafeteria's Lychee & Lavender Libation

Posted on Jul 30, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz. Rain Infused Vodka 2 oz. Lychee Puree Splash of Fresh Lemon Juice Splash of Simple Syrup 1 Sprig of Lavender PREPARATION Shake vigorously. Pour all ingredients over ice into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of lavender. Cafeteria Phone: (212)414-1717 Address:  119 Seventh Ave., at 17th...

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Dovetail's Warm Scallop Ceviche

Posted on Jul 29, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef-Owner John Fraser Ingredients 4 scallops 1/2 large fennel  1 jalapenos split in half and de-seeded 1/2 cup of quinoa  1 lemon 1 tb honey 10 bing cherries pitted and cut in halves 1/2 c of cilantro leaves picked of large stem 1/2 c of spinach(stems picked)  cut thin PreparationCut fennel into 1 inch pieces and simmer with 2 cup of water, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp of honey, & a pinch of salt until soft, then let cool.  Drain off the excess water, toss the fennel with evo and puree.  Blanch the jalapeno in boiling water for a minute then cool and cut into small dice.  Meanwhile, cook the quinoa with a little salt in boiling water for 25 minutes, then drain & toss with olive oil.  Let cool on a cookie sheet.  Mix the...

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Oceana's King Crab Ratatouille

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Ben Pollinger(Serves 2) Ingredients– 1 ½ pounds Alaskan king crab– 1 plum tomato– 1 red bell pepper– ½ zucchini– ½ yellow squash– 1 clove garlic– 1 shallot or small red onion– 1 sprig each oregano, basil, thyme– ½ tsp chili flakes (optional)– 3 Tbs EVOO– 1 Tbs white wine-Salt and pepper to taste PreparationBreak Alaskan king crab legs into sections. Cut a slit down both sides of each section with kitchen scissors.Remove core from tomato and slice 1/3 inch thickSlice pepper in half lengthwise, remove seeds, stem and ribs, slice each half lengthwise into 1/3 inch wide stripsCut zucchini in half widthwise, reserving one half for another use. Cut one half in quarters lengthwise. Cut out seeds. Cut each quarter into 1/3 inch pieces. Do the same for yellow squash.Slice garlic into thick slicesSlice shallot into...

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Gramercy Tavern's Beef Kielbasa

Posted on Jul 7, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Michael Anthony(Yields approx. 12 pounds) Ingredients Lean beef 6 ¾ pounds Pork (fatty belly or shoulder and back fat) 5 pounds Kosher salt  ¾ cup Pink salt (Instacure #1)  1 teaspoon Dextrose  1/8 cup White peppercorns, finely ground 3 teaspoon Mustard powder  ¼ cup Garlic powder ½ Tablespoon Milk powder ½ cup plus 1/8 cup Crushed ice  1 to 1 ½ quarts Preparation1.    Combine beef, pork, salt, pink salt, dextrose, white pepper, mustard powder, and garlic powder.  Let cure overnight.2.    Lay out meat on 2 sheet trays lined with plastic wrap. Put in freezer for 1 to 1 ½  hours until the meat is firm but not frozen.3.    Grind meat through 12 3/16 die (medium die), alternating pieces of meat, fat, and bacon. 4.    Return meat to freezer until it is firm, about 1 ½ to...

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Oceana's Raspberry Yogurt Fool

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Pastry Chef Jansen Chan (Yields 6 -8 oz wine glasses or glass custard cups) Ingredients 2 pints raspberries 4 oz. heavy cream 1 Tbls. honey (2 Tablespoons, if desired sweeter) Pinch of salt 4 oz. Greek yogurt Additional garnish: 1 pint of raspberries, 4-6 leaves of basil, cut thinly, and more honey Preparation1. Puree the raspberries with a hand blender or food processor. Pass through a sieve to remove seeds. Reserve on the side.2. In a mixer, whip cream, honey, and salt until soft peaks form. Reserve.3. In another bowl,  add raspberry puree to yogurt slowly, allowing the yogurt to break up evenly. Add all the whipped cream at once and stir only slightly, allowing streaks.4. Divide mixture into 6 – 8 oz. glasses or 6 bowls. Refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight.5. Top with fresh raspberries,...

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Good Enough To Eat's Red, White & Blue Potato Salad

Posted on Jun 24, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef & Owner Carrie Levin Ingredients – 1 pound each (3 pounds total) Red Bliss potatoes, Idaho potatoes and blue fingerling potatoes, scrubbed well with skin on (should yield about 4 cups cooked) – 1 cup buttermilk – 1 cup Hellmann’s mayonnaise – 2 tablespoons sour cream – ½ teaspoon garlic powder – ½ teaspoon onion powder – ½ teaspoon ground white pepper – 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt – 1 bunch scallions, white parts only, thinly sliced on the bias – ½ red bell pepper, cored, seeded and cut into small dice – Blue tortilla chips   Preparation Cook the potato varieties individually. Place them in a pot with cold salted water to cover, bring to a boil and then lower the heat and simmer until tender yet firm enough that the potatoes still hold...

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Rosa Mexicano's Organic Sangria

Posted on Jun 22, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

(Makes one small pitcher) Ingredients 2 oz  cucumber-infused vodka, Rosa Mexicano uses Organic Crop Harvest Earth cucumber vodka 3  mint leaves ¾ oz simple syrup 3 oz  Bonterra Viognier organic wine 4 oz  fresh pineapple juice ½ cup mix of red apple and cucumber, diced PreparationMuddle the cucumber-infused vodka, mint and simple syrup together in the bottom of a small pitcher. Fill the pitcher with ice.Add the wine and pineapple juice and mix well.Stir in the apples and cucumbers and serve. Rosa Mexicano Address: 9 East 18th St., btwn. Fifth & BroadwayPhone:...

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Rouge Tomate's Spiked Cucumber Cooler

Posted on Jun 15, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Ingredients: Pinch Dill 2 oz Vodka 2 oz Cucumber juice 2 oz Lemonade Preparation: Add all ingredients except and mandolin slices soda in mixing glass. Shake and pour into highball with cucumbers and soda. Garnish with cucumber slice. Rouge Tomate Address: 10 East 60th St., btwn. Madison & Fifth Aves. Phone:...

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Faustina's Seared Ocean Trout With Almond Puree

Posted on Jun 11, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Chef-Owner Scott Conant (Serves 5) Ingredients for Almond puree: 1 lb celery root 2 cup sliced blanched almonds 1 1/2 ounces of caramelized shallots 2 sprig thyme 4 cups white chicken stock 1 pinch chili flakes ½ cup olive oil salt   Method:Peel and cut the celery root into 1” cubes, toast the almonds in a 300° oven until lightly golden brown, approx 6-8 min. Combine the celery root, almonds, shallots, stock, thyme and chili flake in a medium size saucepan, bring to a simmer and cook until the celery root is tender. About 20 min. Place this mixture in a high speed vita prep and puree until smooth, slowly add the olive oil until combined. Strain and reserve until needed. For the fish: 2 ½ lb Ocean trout (1 filet) ½ cup salt ½ cup sugar Zest...

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Seasonal's Wheat Peach

Posted on Jun 3, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

Ingredients: 1 ½ oz. peach nectar ½ oz. fresh lemon juice 1 oz. Zacapa rum infused with rosemary Orange bitters Angostura bitters wheat beer Preparation:Set the beer aside.  Shake all of the other ingredients then combine with Weihenstephan Hefe-Weisse draft wheat beer (or any wheat beer on-hand).  Garnish with an orange slice. Seasonal RestaurantAddress: 132 West 58th St., btwn 6th & 7th Aves.Phone:...

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Savoy's Spring Blush

Posted on May 21, 2010 in Chef Q&A, Recipes

By Mixologist Michael Cecconi For the rhubarb stock: 1 lb. rhubarb, cleaned and sliced into 1-inch pieces ½ lb. peeled, thinly sliced ginger Place ginger and rhubarb in a pot then cover an inch over with water. Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer until roughly one-quarter of the liquid is gone (around 20 minutes. Let cool, then strain out solids using a fine metal strainer. Reserve extra stock in fridge or freezer. For the drink (serves 1): 1½ ounces gin 1½ ounces rhubarb stock ¾ ounce fresh lime juice ¾ oz simple syrup 2-4 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters Combine all ingredients in a mixing tin. Add ice, then shake and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Savoy Phone: (212)219-8570 Address: 70 Prince Street, at Crosby...

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Rouge Tomate's Spring Pea Soup

Posted on May 14, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef Jeremy Bearman Ingredients: 1 cup Spring Onion diced 2 cloves Garlic Degermed 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 cup Idaho Potato Diced 3 cups Milk 1 cup of water Salt  1 cup Shelled English Peas (preferably fresh but can work with frozen) 1 cup Sugar Snap Peas 8 oz Pea Tendrils 10 leaves of mint Pepper  ½ cup 0 percent Greek yogurt ½ lb Peekytoe Crab 2 Tsp Almond Oil 1 Tbsp Chopped chives 1 Tsp Lemon Juice ¼ cup Slivered Almonds Toasted ½ Tsp Lemon Zest Method of preparation:In a medium size sauce pot over a low heat, sweat the spring onions and garlic in olive oil until tender. Once tender, add the diced potato, milk & 1 cup of water. Cook on medium heat until potatoes begin to fall apart. Set aside at room temperature. ...

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Aldea's Hemingway Heat Cocktail

Posted on May 6, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

(Serves 1) Ingredients: 2 ½ oz Clement Premiere Canne Rhum ½ oz Lime Juice ½ oz Simple Syrup ½ oz Luxardo Maraschino 2 wedges grapefruit 1 slice jalapeño 1 lime wheel Procedure: 1) Muddle grapefruit and jalapeno.  Add rhum, lime juice, simple syrup and maraschino and shake vigorously.  Strain into ice-filled rocks glass, garnish with lime wheel. Address: 31 W 17th Street, btwn. 5th & 6th Aves. Phone: (212)...

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The Bubble Lounge's Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffles

Posted on Apr 19, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Pastry Chef Pichet Ong(Yields 4 dozen truffles) Ingredients: 2 cups cream 675 g valrhona chocolate, pur caribe 1/2 cup milk 3 egg yolks a pinch of salt 1/4 cup grand marnier (or champagne and chambord) 500 g valrhona chocolate, pur caribe or 1 cup cocoa powder (optional) Procedure:1) Bring cream, salt, and milk to a scald.  Temper onto a bowl with yolks and return pot to heat and cook with flat end wooden spatula until custard coats the back of spatula. 2) Add chocolates to cool down and stir to combine.  Stir in Grand Marnier.  Strain mixture through fine mesh and refrigerate ganache in airtight container until set. 3) Scoop ganache into 3/4” balls with a small ice cream scoop.  Refrigerate the balls till firm. 4)  Temper chocolate and set aside at room temperature. 5) Dip each piece of...

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21 Club's Grilled Black Bass with Asparagus & Lemon Caper Vinaigrette

Posted on Apr 4, 2010 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

By Executive Chef John Greeley(Serves 4)Ingredients: Black Bass 1 oz grapeseed oil 2-3 whole black bass, scaled, and filleted with skin on Sea salt to taste 4 sprigs fresh thyme 1 pinch piment de’despelette (a robust, smokey Basque pepper similar to paprika  4 lemon wedges  4 oz. herb salad (mix of micro herbs or blend of soft herbs like chervil, tarragon, and chives)Asparagus 8 pieces jumbo asparagus, peeled, split down the middle 1 oz. diced tomato, peeled      Lemon and Caper Vinaigrette 3 oz. extra virgin olive oil 2 lemons (squeeze out juice, remove seeds, reserve skin for zest) 1 tsp. lemon zest (use a micro-plane to grate zest off lemons) 1 oz. capers, washed and patted dry 1 Tbsp. micro-chives, sliced thin or cut with scissors 1 Tbsp. chervil, chopped, without stems  In a bowl or airtight container,...

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