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Death and Company

433 East 6th Street,
New York
NY 10009
Phone: (212) 388-0882

Death & Co. is one of the city’s cult cocktail spots, one of the drinking establishments that helped bring back to New York the world of speakeasies and old school cocktailing.  The bar is notorious for its outstanding selection of bitters, infused spirits, and sweet syrups.  The drink menu is so expansive you might even say it’s encyclopedic, featuring everything from punch to Juleps and tequila-based drinks.  They even have a selection of beer cocktails, lovingly referred to as “Noble Hops.”  Their take on the Michelada, the “Hey Mamichelada,” is built around a base of smoky hot sauce and mixed with Maggi seasoning (it’s kind of like soy sauce) and a red pepper puree, while fresh squeezed orange and lime juices add a nice tart citrusy flavor to the cocktail.  It’s finished with Negra Modelo (a dark Mexican beer) and a salt-and-pepper rim.  Or, for a beer cocktail unlike one you’d find anywhere pretty much anywhere else, try the “Strange Brew,” which combines gin, Green Flash IPA Beer, and Velvet Falernum (a Caribbean liquor with hints of almond, ginger, cloves, and vanilla) with fresh squeezed pineapple and lime juices.  Even if you’re a beer purist or vodka lover, you’re bound to be impressed by the unique spin Death & Co.’s puts on all of their beer cocktails.


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