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Empellon Cocina’s Pumpkin Seed Cake

105 First Avenue,
New York
NY 10003
Phone: (212) 780-0999

Dessert isn’t usually the first thing most people think of when going for Mexican food.  Then again, you wouldn’t think an acclaimed pastry chef would open a Mexican joint and leave the pastry department to his wife.  You’ll want to broaden your horizons and save room for dessert at Empellon Cocina.  Alex Stupak pushed the envelope at WD-50 and he continues to do so at his innovative and modern Mexican.   One of the best things they’re serving at the restaurant is a Pumpkin Seed Cake.  What arrives on the plate is a long, rectangular slice of moist, spicy cake, topped with crumble, strawberries, cajeta, and drizzled with brown butter. The final touch is an ice cream quenelle.  Heck, we’d pop in for a shot of tequila and this blissfully complicated sweet alone.

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