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Fatty ‘Cue Manhattan

50 Carmine St,
New York
NY 10014
Phone: (212) 929-5050

Fatty ‘Cue has a knack for bringing some unusual flavors together to create curiously killer combinations.  There’s the Crispy Lamb Breast with Cantaloupe, the Dorade with Sugar Plums, and the Poached Chicken with Pickled Jalapeño.  There’s a running theme here.  Zak Pelaccio likes to marry some type of succulent meat with a bit of citrus, something sweet, or a little heat.  One of our favorite pairings at Fatty ‘Cue is the Bacon and Clams, an ensemble of Manila clams, house-smoked bacon, pickled chili, and curry leaf, with a dose of ginger and shallots added at the end for good measure.  Giving new meaning to Surf & Turf, it makes a compelling case for swapping out the steak and lobster for good.

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