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Hog Island Oyster

1 Ferry Building, Shop 11
San Francisco
CA 94111
Phone: (415)391-7117

OystersIt ain’t easy to find a great oyster house… never mind one with a view, so you’ll want to savor not only the terrific variety of bivalves at Hog Island Oyster Co., but also the outdoor dining overlooking San Francisco Bay.  Tourists and locals alike descend on this no-reservations spot for lunch or dinner so you may have to wait a bit, but it’s entirely worth it.  Especially after you sample the Hog Island Sweetwater Pacific and Atlantic oysters as well as whatever other West Coast oysters they’re shucking that day.

SteamersThere’s plenty more reasons to visit, like the Steamers, a mix of fresh from the water Manila Clams, Beans, Fennel Sausage, and Leeks in an addictive Wheat Beer Broth that you’ll want to mop up with the bread.   And while I’m typically a Manhattan Clam Chowder kind of girl, I take exception here where they have an unusually (and deliciously so) thin and light cream-based broth laced with bacon and potatoes.  While you’re here, get an order of Baked Oysters flavored with Citrus, a zingy blend of lemon, lime, orange & shallots.

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