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10 Columbus Cir,
New York
New York 10019
Phone: (212) 823-9800

From start to finish, a mind-blowing meal that will change the way you see Japanese food forever.  Sure, it’s expensive and it happens to be worth every penny.  The chef (sometimes it’s Masa in the flesh!) literally showers you with caviar, truffles (black and white!), toro, Wagyu and much more.  I highly recommend  you sit at the counter, so you can watch the sushi chefs create divine nibbles, like Toro Tartare topped with a dollop of Black Caviar, Wagyu Sushi, Uni Handrolls, and Scallop Sashimi.  Dinner at Masa isn’t exclusively sushi either.   There’s excellent cooked dishes as well, like Grilled Wagyu with Black Truffles, Langoustines with Lime,  and Oysters Tempura.  As for dessert, it ends as beautifully as it started with a slice of rare and exquisitely sweet, Musk Melon, and the option for a scoop of White or Black Truffle Ice Cream, which tastes curiously delicious.

Don’t Miss Dish: Omakase (You’re in their hands.)
End With: Green tea millefeuille, Musk Melon or Black Truffle Ice Cream
Drink This: Aged sake, shochu or inventive cocktails.
Price: $$$$$
Occasion: Destination dining, sushi freaks, super special occasion.

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