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234 E. 4th Street,
New York
New York 10009
Phone: (212) 253-2038

You might expect to find  a Creme Brulee on the menu at this quaint, East Village Italian, but it’s not what you’re thinking.  At Perbacco, Chef Simone Bonelli blends her love of traditional Italian cuisine and modern innovation to delicious effect.  The result is a “Crème Brulée di Parmigiano Reggio,” a terrific appetizer that meditates on cheese — an 18-month aged Parmesean cheese to be exact.  Mixed together with cream and eggs, the Parmesean melts down into a decadent custard, which is then lightly torched and topped with aged Balsamic Vinegar — the perfect Crème Brulée for cheese lovers.

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