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Rosemary’s Minestra Di Stagione

18 Greenwich Avenue,
New York
NY 10011
Phone: (212) 647-1818

This charming West Village trattoria was buzzing even before it opened its doors this past summer, and the excitement about this place hasn’t seemed to dissipate since.  (In translation, it’s still an hour-long wait for a table!)  The menu features a mix of classic and modern Italian dishes, including Zucchini Crudo plucked fresh from the rooftop garden, housemade Octopus Salami, and homemade cavatelli with peas, mint and ricotta.  We’re not sure how much longer it will stick around, but we’re digging Rosemary’s Minestra Di Stagione, a summer vegetable soup they call “the ultimate minestrone.”  They breath new life into this sometimes tired bowl with a handful of wonderfully fresh vegetables, including paper thin shavings of asparagus, turnips carrots, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes.   We’d venture to say it’s currently one of our favorite and certainly a more delicate version of this typically hearty soup. Let’s pray it makes it lingers on the menu until at least next summer.

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