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The Roebling Tea Room

143 Roebling Street,
NY 11211
Phone: (718) 963-0760

The Roebling Tea Room is not a tranquil tearoom as its name might suggest. In fact, it’s not a tearoom at all.   It’s a bustling restaurant with high quality comfort food.  They’ve got everything from Beef Brisket to Macaroni and Cheese and Cheeseburgers.  And then, there’s the Steak Tartare, made with lean top round meat, capers, chives, and leafy greens.  It’s different from other the typical Steak Tartare, taking just enough creative license to elevate the already delicious dish.  Instead of Worcestershire sauce or regular ole mayo, they use Kewpie mayo, a creamier Japanese version, which makes it smoother and richer to the taste.  But what really makes this tartare stand out is the addition of crispy, deep fried chickpeas.  It may be unconventional, but one taste of the Steak Tartare at the Roebling Tea Room and you’ll leave wondering why more people aren’t doing this.

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