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Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

233 Park Ave.,
New York
New York 10003
Phone: (212) 220-9200

New York finally scored a Vic & Anthony’s all its own, the first-ever New York location for this Houston steakhouse (you’ll have to head to Vegas, Houston, or AC to check out the others).  What was Angelo & Maxie’shas been transformed into a modern steak joint that’s not just about meat and potatoes (although those do make a solid showing here, too).  Instead, the menu offers a unique take on classic steakhouse dishes, like seared scallops with crisp apple slaw (some heat added, thanks to a bit of Tabasco), maple-glazed quail and an artisan cured meat sampler.  Oh, and did we mention they have some of the most tender filet mignon around?  One of our favorite dishes is the Steak & Egg salad with prime beef carpaccio and a fried egg and a side of their addictive creamed corn.  This would be the perfect place to take the guys when you have some big news to drop on them… say, a promotion or an engagement.  Class it up (or perhaps soften the blow?) with steak.

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